Copy of The Body Systems

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Copy of The Body Systems by Mind Map: Copy of The Body Systems

1. Respiratory System

1.1. The Respiratory System is connected to the Circulatory System because When you breath in the oxygen goes in the lungs at the same time the blood that has circulated all over the body goes to the lungs to get oxygen.

1.2. The Respiratory System by providing oxygen to the bones so they can work also the Respiratory System removes carbon dioxide and water that skeleton cell

2. Skeletal System

2.1. The Bones in your body are alive because the are made up of living sponge.

2.2. Bones are storing calseam in your bones every time you eat and generate new blood.

2.3. Small muscles called ligaments hold the bones together and allow you to move.

3. The Circulatory System

3.1. The Heart is the engine of the whole system

3.2. If you spread out all your blood vessels it would be the length of going around the world two times!

3.3. The Blood when it goes around the whole body it touches every system in the body

3.4. The heart has 4 main parts the light/left atrium and the left/right ventrical

3.5. The Blood goes into the left/right atrium then it goes into the left/right ventricle then it goes to either the lungs or around your body.

3.6. The blood from the right part of the heart goes to the lungs to get re oxygenated but then the blood from the left part of your heart goes around your body

4. Digestive System! The whole process starts in the mouth when your teeth and saliva break it down. After that it goes down the oesophagus to the stomach where it gets broken down more.

4.1. The digestive system is connected to the skeletal system because the bones protect your organs from getting hurt. If we did not have bones we would be a pile of jelly on the floor.

5. The nervous system

5.1. The nervous system is a complex network of nerves and cells that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body.

5.2. The main organ that is part is the brain.

5.3. There are millions of neurons in your body.

5.4. The neurons in your body helps you feel things.

5.5. The skeletal system is connected to the nervous because the skeletal system is protecting the brain and the spinal cord.

5.6. The nervous system is also connected to the Circulatory system because it moves oxygen around the body so cells can do work.

6. Immune System

6.1. Our immune system protects our body from harmful germs. If germs do get in, a white blood cell, produced by bone marrow, fights the germ.

6.2. To a germ, the skin is like a hard wall, so germs can't get through your skin. They get into our bodies by openings. Such as, your mouth, ears, nose eyes and many more. If it gets inside your body, and into your blood stream, you become sick.