Lesson Planning

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Google Maps

1.1. Prerequisites

1.1.1. Grade Level Grade 4

1.1.2. Subject area Mathematics Area

1.1.3. Manitoba curriculum

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. GLO SLO Cognitive Strategies Affective Strategies

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Materials Video capture Jing Youtube Free SWF to AVI Convertor Lesson Presentation MS Office Powerpoint

1.3.2. People Skills Jing Google maps embedding

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Area of irregular 2D shape

1.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson To find the area of irregular 2D shape by using Google Maps

1.4.3. Method of Instruction Go to Google Maps; Find Long Plain Reserve and get approximate measurements of the area of the reserve

1.4.4. Method of Evaluation

2. Podcast

2.1. Prerequisites

2.1.1. Kindergarten

2.1.2. Aboriginal Language

2.1.3. Dakota Language - Counting to 10

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. GLO2: Language Learning Strategies Cognitive Strategies 2.1.1: C-2 Students will memorize new words by repeating them silently or aloud Affective Strategies 2.4.1: C-2 Students will seek help from others

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Materials Audacity LAME Encoder MP3 Player Soundcloud Apple Ipad Mini TFHQ Dakota App Notepad Make a script of what will be said VDownloader Get Intro music off YouTube and Convert it to MP3 YouTube Young Bear Singers

2.3.2. People Who will I record Myself TFHQ Dakota App

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Counting 1 to 10

2.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson To learn the numbers from 1 to 10 in the Dakota Language

2.4.3. Objectives To be able to count from 1 to 10 in the Dakota Language

2.4.4. Reasoning An understanding of the Dakota Language

2.4.5. Method of Instruction Listening and repeating to the words

2.4.6. Method of Evaluation Rubric

3. Video

3.1. My Environment

3.1.1. Prerequisites Goals Develop the capacity to use web and video for teaching and learning. Prerequisites Using Globes and Maps and Finding Our Community Grade level Grade 1 Subject area Social Studies

3.1.2. Objectives Key Concepts - Connecting & Belonging Cluster 2 - My Environment

3.1.3. Resources Materials YouTube Google Maps Iphone camera Audacity MS Office Powerpoint

3.1.4. Notes Lesson or Series Title My Community Objectives To learn about globes, maps, - what they are, and how to use them Method of Instruction Powerpoint and Video demonstration Method of Evaluation

4. Presentation

4.1. Pecha Kucha

4.1.1. Prerequisites Twenty Slides Twenty seconds of narration per slide Brainshark Narrated presentaion Grade Level Grade 9 Subject Area Social Studies

4.1.2. Objectives General Learning Outcomes Clusters

4.1.3. Resources Materials Brainshark PowerPoint Presentation

4.1.4. Notes Lesson or Series Title Brief Overview of Residential Schools Objectives To learn about Residential Schools and the Impact on First Nations People Reasoning Pecha Kucha is a fun way of teaching and learning that involves the use of web based resources and concise planning and execution. Content Related to Manitoba Curriculum Method of Instruction Web Based Method of Evaluation Rubric