Online Reputation Management Guide

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Online Reputation Management Guide by Mind Map: Online Reputation Management Guide

1. Set up Reputation Monitoring & Tools

1.1. Google Search

1.2. Social Media Search

1.2.1. Facebook Search

1.2.2. Twitter Search

1.2.3. Technorati

1.3. Tools

1.3.1. Feed Reader

1.3.2. Google Alerts


1.3.4. Yahoo Alerts



1.3.7. Trackur

1.4. Q&A Tracking

1.4.1. Yahoo Answers

2. Get Involved - Create Positive PR

2.1. Post in forums & include social profiles in signatures

2.2. Google authorship with mentions of profiles

2.3. Create social profiles linking to all social profiles

2.4. Review sites like Yelp and Amazon

2.5. Media sites like Flickr, YouTube or Vimeo

2.6. Bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg or Mixx

2.7. Popular industry blogs

2.8. Industry-specific social networks, forums and groups

2.9. Local social networks, forums and groups

2.10. Special interest or lifestyle social networks, forums and groups

2.11. Promote your brand

3. Monitor

3.1. Weekly Review of each Site's reputation

3.2. Weekly action plan for improving reputation

4. Secure & Create Profiles

4.1. Knowem

4.2. List of profiles

4.3. Professional sites like LinkedIn, Naymz and Plaxo

4.4. School-related sites like Classmates and Reunion

4.5. Corporate sites like BusinessWeek, Crunchbase and FastCompany

4.6. Resume sites like Emurse, Resume Social and Rezume

5. Create a List of Mentions