Brainstorming for Retreat Questionaire

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Brainstorming for Retreat Questionaire by Mind Map: Brainstorming for Retreat Questionaire

1. topic

1.1. add more

2. Venue?

2.1. camping--tents; camping cabins; retreat center all in one; retreat center dorms; retreat center- motel style

3. Who can come?

3.1. trans guys only; partners

4. meeting area?

4.1. covered outdoor; retreat center all in one; retreat center separate indoor

5. Colorado?

5.1. no; okay anywhere; okay only near big cities

6. Meals?

6.1. on the grill; retreat center meals; we cook at retreat center; some cooked some we cook

7. When?

7.1. May, June, July, Aug, September, other

8. Number of Days?

8.1. 2 nights, 3days; 3 nights 4 days; a week, other

9. Type of presentations

9.1. formal, discussion groups,

10. Where?

10.1. urban, farm type setting, wooded

11. speakers?

11.1. well known; not well known; presentations from within group (not counting well-known); no speakers discussions only

12. Recreation--outdoor?

12.1. lake, hiking, golf, team sports, fishing,

13. recreation--indoor

13.1. fitness room, table games, ping pong, indoor pool, video games, movies

14. team building activities

14.1. low rope course, high rope course, drum circle, talent show, campfire,