Julian's Chapter

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Julian's Chapter by Mind Map: Julian's Chapter

1. Description of Julian

1.1. Mean

1.1.1. In wonder Julian was always mean to Auggie Photo shopped Auggie's face out of the class picture

1.2. Spoiled

1.2.1. Was complaining that he had to go to Paris

1.2.2. he is really rich

1.3. Popular

1.3.1. Went to one of the popular parties Wanted to date Summer

1.3.2. Hanging out with a lot of people

1.4. Selfish

2. Prediction

2.1. Might want to convince us that it is okay that he was mean to Auggie

2.1.1. Even though that he was REALLY mean to Auggie

2.2. I think that the chapter that is tilted my dreams is more about his actual dreams at night.

2.2.1. I think that these dreams will be nightmares

2.3. His dreams

2.4. Sticky notes

2.5. THe steps

3. My thinks

3.1. Julian thinks really mean things

4. Reactions to Characters

4.1. I think that with Jack it really shows what he really thought.

4.1.1. I knew that he didn't want to go but, I didn't realize how much that he really didn't want to go

5. Photo Shop

5.1. His mom Photo shopped Auggie out of the Class picture

6. Julian's Mom

6.1. Super mom

7. Connections to Wonder

7.1. Nature Retreat

7.2. End of the book

8. Julian's grandmom

8.1. The person she was afraid of

8.2. Jewish

8.3. Tourteo

9. Reflection

9.1. By the end of this book, I notice that I feel More disappointed for Julian than I did for Auggie. I think that this is because, when you regret something, you always feel sad, and I think that R.J Palacio really made us Put ourselves in Julian's shoes and see how he feels.