Ideas for 2014-15

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Ideas for 2014-15 by Mind Map: Ideas for 2014-15

1. Create a cadet council

1.1. more involvement with other corps

1.2. Hold an election for it

1.3. Have one or two representative(s) from each star level

1.4. Include a Cadet rep on Parent Support Committee

2. Monday Night Training

2.1. PT Nights

2.2. Weekly challenges, ie: Brain teasers on Canadian history, or on material covered in citizenship, sections work together and are then responsible for the next week's challenge

2.3. more interaction during classses-not just have senior cadets read from page-have word finds, crosswords, etc. winner could win prize from canteen

2.3.1. teach seniors not only what to teach but fun ways to teach - through demonstration by the person teaching the seniors

2.3.2. provide the materials needed for games for lessons

2.3.3. make some of the training nights 'prep' nights for the seniors so that they have the staff closely available while creating lesson plans

2.4. what about a talent night

2.4.1. singing

2.4.2. comedy

2.4.3. drama

2.4.4. dance

2.4.5. reenactments

2.5. healthy living

2.5.1. food choices

2.5.2. exercise

2.5.3. positive relationship building

3. FTX's

3.1. Morning PT

3.2. Have MORE FTX's

3.3. Sleep in improvised shelters

3.4. canoing

3.5. biking

3.6. hiking

3.6.1. non-compass orienteering/landmarking

3.6.2. plant identification - edible vs not

3.7. 1-2 wks prior to each ftx provide a training night explaining what to pack and why, what sort of things to expect and why

4. Year End Trip

4.1. Ontario Regiment Museum -

5. Sports and Fitness(Outside regular cadet nights)

5.1. Bowling

5.2. Basketball

5.3. Sports days at a park where we can practice for the fitness assessment & play games

5.4. competition nights with other corps

5.5. participate in sports nights with other corps

5.6. have team games that run over a period of time

5.7. weekly/monthly sports nights

5.8. maybe utilize a local school gymnasium

5.9. volleyball

5.10. dodgeball

5.11. swimming

6. Other

6.1. Link up with Veterans (present and historic)

6.2. Involvement in more community events

6.3. do other corps have activities that we could join?

6.4. more family functions - ie bbq - maybe cadets serve parents

6.5. public speaking and debate

6.6. orienteering team?

6.7. participation in parades

6.7.1. Canada Day

6.7.2. Oktoberfest

6.7.3. Santa Claus

6.7.4. any other?

7. Training Weekends

7.1. Self defense/street smart session

7.2. Trekking / Orienteering

7.3. Coordinated events with other corps

7.4. Have more range weekends

7.5. cpr and recert.

7.6. movie afternoon

8. Band Ideas

8.1. try to get the band at morer events

9. is there a drill team