Recruiting Ideas

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Recruiting Ideas by Mind Map: Recruiting Ideas

1. local newspapers

1.1. maybe will donate ad space

2. Posters/Brochures

2.1. Where To Put them?

2.1.1. schools

2.1.2. tim hortons?

2.1.3. YMCA

2.1.4. grocery stores

2.1.5. Family and Children's Services

3. Roadside Sign

4. Schools?

4.1. Which School?

4.1.1. Cambridge schools gr 6 and up Avenue Road PS Clemens Mills PS Galt Collegiate Glenview Park SS Hespeler PS Jacob Hespeler SS Moffat Creek PS Preston HS Silverheights PS Southwood SS St Andrews PS Stewart Avenue PS William G Davis PS Woodland Park PS

4.2. How?

4.2.1. posters

4.2.2. special permission days for cadets to wear du or ftu to school to increase visibility and encourage questions from other students

4.2.3. presentation in an assembly

4.2.4. some high schools have gr 9 orientation bbq - have some cadets in attendance with recruiting info

4.2.5. send home flyers with all gr 6,7,8,9 students

4.2.6. cadet presence at "greet the teacher" night?

5. Other Ideas

5.1. Radio Ad

5.1.1. maybe local stations would donate air time Dave FM The Beat CJIQ Faith FM CHYM KFUN KOOL FM Country 106.7

5.2. youth groups

5.3. parades