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Teensafe EC by Mind Map: Teensafe EC

1. Bullying

1.1. An epidemic with epic consequences: Bullying on the Rise

1.2. Bullying by the Numbers

1.3. How it all begins: The Birth of a Bully

1.4. Bullying: is your Child a Victim or Agressor?

1.5. Help! My Child is a Bully. How Can I help him?

1.6. 8 Ways to Identify a Child that is being bullied

1.7. Hiding behind Technology: Bullying in the Digital Age

1.8. Bullying in the age of Disappearing Messages

1.9. Cyberbullying through Facebook & it's effects on Teens

1.10. An intervention against bullies: A Step by Step Strategy for Dealing with Bullies

1.11. Bullying at School: How to get Teachers Involved

1.12. Text Message Bullying: Responding to Agression

1.13. #IAMJADA: A Teen's Story about Taking Control

2. Smartphone Parenting

2.1. Smartphones by the Numbers

2.2. 4 Reasons Why I should have a smartphone (A Child's Perspective)

2.3. Teaching Responsibility starts at Toddlerhood

2.4. How Young is Too young? A Parents Guide to knowing when your child is Ready

2.5. How to ease your Tween into a Smartphone

2.6. Teens, Decision-Making, and the Brain that Changes itself

2.7. Is your Teen Truly Capable of Making Responsible Choices?

2.8. Spying vs Monitoring: What's Healthy

2.9. Smart smartphone Use for Parents

2.10. The Missing Companion Manual for Giving your Child a Smartphone

2.11. Smartphone Apps for Teenagers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2.12. Smartphone Parenting: Understanding the Myriad of Choices to be Made

2.13. Is your Teen Smarphone Addicted?

2.14. When is time to Take away your Child's Smartphone

2.15. Keeping it Clean: A guide for Teens to Keep their Online Reputation Pristine

3. Keywords

3.1. iphone tracker

3.2. iphone spy

3.2.1. Spying vs Monitoring: What's Healthy

3.3. Monitoring

3.3.1. Setting Digital Boundaries: A Parent's Guide to Phone Monitoring

3.3.2. What is the Best Way to Monitor an iPhone?

3.3.3. How to Monitor Kids on Instagram

3.3.4. The Concerned Parent's Guide to Tween Cell Phone Monitoring

3.3.5. How Parents with Text Message Recovery Can Rescue More than Just Your Data

3.3.6. How to Monitor Cell Phone Activity Through your Teen's iPhone

3.3.7. What Can Parents Learn About Their Kids By Monitoring Text Messages

3.4. Tracking

3.4.1. How to track an iphone without Jailbreaking It

3.4.2. The Importance of Using a Cell Phone Tracker on your Kid's Phone

3.4.3. How to Track Text Messages

3.4.4. Software reviews: Whtat is the best cell phone tracking app?

3.5. Ideas