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Mentor graphics by Mind Map: Mentor graphics

1. General

1.1. Mentor Graphics - Global IT division

1.2. Brian Tharp, +1 5036851597

1.3. Olivier Sicco, +46 701462792

2. Current Situation

2.1. Roughly a 100 locations Worldwide, HQ in US - Oregon

2.2. How do you collaborate internally and externally?

2.3. Have tried many different tools for PM but they have all failed due to too high complexity

2.4. How do you do internal communication?

2.5. Do you have a document collaboration solution in place?

2.5.1. If so is review possible?

2.5.2. If so is version management possible?

2.6. Do you have a project management process in place?

2.7. How do you follow up on projects?

2.8. How do you decide which projects to run?

3. Current Issues

3.1. What is your biggest need when it comes to project and portfolio management?

3.2. Do your projects complete in time?

4. Other

4.1. Roughly 500 licenses (only for Global IT)

4.2. How does the purchase order process look like?

4.2.1. A procurement analyst (Stan Cook)

4.2.2. The PO has been processed in July (it took about a week), however procurement wants to investigate our legal terms before signing off

4.3. Yes, budget validated by the CIO for 500 licenses

4.4. The business user wants to start ASAP with Eval and trainings

5. Next Step

5.1. What does the customer need to do and come back with?

5.1.1. Procurement must clarify the legal terms posing problems in our MSA

5.2. What does sales rep from PP need to come back with?

5.2.1. Training

5.2.2. Eval

6. Possible Solution

6.1. EE Evaluation is the best way to get started

6.2. This would help the client to evaluate us on real projects, involve more business users in trainings, and fully evaluate our Enterprise featuers (Project Office)

7. Business Goals

7.1. What are the business goals this year?

7.2. Business goals coming two years?

7.3. How do you plan to accomplish them?

7.4. What would it mean if you dont reach your business goals?