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CISCO by Mind Map: CISCO


1.1. ICND

1.1.1. ICND 1 v.2 exam 100/101 requirements Operation of IP Data Networks LAN Switching Technologies IP addressing (IPv4 / IPv6) IP Routing Technologies IP Services Network Device Security Troubleshooting Oficial ICND1 v2 Cert Guide 1. Networking Fundamentals 2. Ethernet LANs and Switches 3. IP version 4 Addressing and Subnetting 4. Implementing IP version 4 5. Advanced IPv4 Addressing Concepts 6. IPv4 Services 7. IP Version 6 8. Final Review

1.1.2. ICND 2 v.2 Cisco exam 200/201 requirements LAN Switching Technologies IP Routing Technologies IP Services Troubleshooting WAN Technologies Oficial ICND2 v2 Cert Guide 1. LAN Switching 2. IP Version 4 Routing 3. Version 4 Routing Protocols 4. Wide Area Networks 5. IP Version 6 6. Network Management Final Review

1.2. CLI commands

1.2.1. VTY

1.2.2. SSH

1.2.3. switch IPv4 support,

1.2.4. port security privileged exec mode show port-security interface interface switchport port-security violation violation-mode switchport mode

1.2.5. VLANs privileged exec mode show vlan show vlan brief show vlan id

1.2.6. VLAN trunks privileged exec mode show interfaces trunk interface switchport trunk encapsulation

1.2.7. CDP privileged exec mode show cdp neighbors "number" show cdp neighbors detail show cdp entry name

1.2.8. other switch admin STP PVST+ privileged exec mode configuration interface

1.2.9. other interface admin privileged exec mode show interface status any mode the "do" command can be used from any mode to execute a command


2.1. Operation of IP Data Networks

2.2. LAN Switching Technologies

2.3. IP addressing (IPv4 / IPv6)

2.4. IP Routing Technologies

2.5. IP Services

2.6. Network Device Security

2.7. Troubleshooting

2.8. WAN Technologies

3. IIN (Inteligent Information Network)

3.1. SONA (Service Oriented Network Architecture)

3.1.1. Cisco description standardization on a single vendor virtualization (allows sharing of resources via use of virtual servers, virtual firewalls, etc.)

3.2. Comercial Architecture

3.3. Consumer Architectrure

3.4. Service Provider Architecture

4. IOS