Messages From Ephesians

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Messages From Ephesians by Mind Map: Messages From Ephesians

1. Ch. 1

1.1. Blessed by God with spiritual blessing v.3

1.1.1. United with Christ v.3,11 God loves and chose us to be holy and without fault v. 4 Adopted into God's family v.5

2. Ch. 2

2.1. Once Dead v.1

2.1.1. Used to live in sin v.2 BUT we are loved by God v.4 Given life through resurrection of Christ v.5

3. Ch. 3

3.1. God extended his grace to us v.2

3.1.1. Share equally in inheritance v.6 Part of the same body v.6 enjoy the promise of blessings v.6

4. Ch. 4

4.1. Have been called by God v.1

4.1.1. Be humble and gentle, patient v.2 keep yourselves united in the spirit v.3 bind yourselves with peace v.3

5. Ch. 5

5.1. Imitate God v.1

5.1.1. We are God's dear children v.1 Live a life filled with love v.2 follow the example of Christ v.2

6. Ch. 6

6.1. Children obey parents v.1

6.1.1. We belong to God v.1 Fathers bring up your children with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord v.4 Slaves obey masters and serve them sincerely v.5