Book Summary 2 - The Customer Centered Enterprise

By Harvey Thompson

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Book Summary 2 - The Customer Centered Enterprise by Mind Map: Book Summary 2 - The Customer Centered Enterprise

1. Focus: Listen to the right customers

1.1. The customer views at the point of contact

1.2. Customer view from Non-Point-of-Contact personal and influencers

1.3. Customer view from the channel or Third party value chain intermediaries

1.4. Customer view from internal customers

1.5. Targeting the right customer

2. In order to succeed in business today you should become customer centered.

2.1. Companies should change their focus from an Internally driven idea of what the customers want to an Outside-in vision of what the customers want.

3. Customer Value Management - CVM

3.1. CVM is : is a rational set of techniques, methodologies and strategies to weave the needs and wants of customers into the key process designs and management activities of a company

3.2. CVM requires you to take an outside-in customer vision of your company. This should start by identifying target customers and seeing what they really want from your company this also includes identifying:

3.2.1. What the customer gets out of interactions with your company

3.2.2. The minimum value level needed to retain customers

3.2.3. The optimal value level the customer imagines.

3.2.4. The customers vision of the ideal vendor delivering ideal value.

4. Visioning: Let Customers Set the Goals

4.1. The Problem of Management By Objectives is that the objectivies you set are yours, not your customer's.

5. Scope: Select Highst Leverage Customer Interaction

6. Value: Identify Actionable High-Levearge Customer Needs

7. Prioritization: Make investment Decisions Based on Buying Behavior

8. Design: Envision "Ideal" Customer-Defined Business Capabilities

9. Implementation and Maintenance: The Holistic Approach

10. Sustaining CVM, Always