I am offered a cigarette at a party

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I am offered a cigarette at a party by Mind Map: I am offered a cigarette at a party

1. - I can walk away - I can take the cigarette

1.1. If I walk away: I won't get addicted and I won't have to worry about losing money, or getting lung cancer. But on the other hand, there might be another time when I get offered a cigarette and that time I might be tempted to try it. If I take the cigarette: I will start getting addicted, and later in life I will have a risk of getting lung cancer. I could also lose a lot of money, buying a ton of packs of cigarettes. But if I try it, I might hate it, and not ever want to smoke again.

1.1.1. If you walk away: My friends might judge me. But I will be happy that I didn't take it because I don't want to be a smoker. If you take the cigarette: Other people in my family might be influenced and also try smoking. I might regret my decision later in life if I try to stop smoking. My decision would be to walk away. I made this decision because I don't care if my friends judge me. It is my decision, and later in life I don't want to get addicted, and get lung cancer. Also smoking is bad for the environment, and I don't want to influence other people to smoke. My decision turned out great. I am very healthy and cancer free. My decision influences others not to smoke, and be healthy. I learnt that it feels better to be healthy, and you won't have to worry about dying young. If I could do this over again I would choose not to smoke because I don't waste money on cigarettes and I am healthy.