The Lord of the Flies - Physical Environmenttt

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The Lord of the Flies - Physical Environmenttt by Mind Map: The Lord of the Flies  - Physical Environmenttt

1. The grass that was still worn away shows it wasn’t long since the boys rebelled and joined Jack’s tribe. Yet in such a short time, they achieved outrageous savagery during the dance and killing of Simon. The fragile white conch represents the pure and delicate society the boys used to have.

1.1. Grass-Shay Wind

2. "Simmons dead body was lifted and moved out to sea" (Golding 154) "Then the sea sighed a long deep sigh and took piggy's body down with its inhale." (Golding

2.1. This gives the imagery of Simon moving on to the "higher place", like he is moving on because he lived correctly on the island.

2.1.1. Carlie -This picture depicts Simon's dead body.

3. "Till it lay huddled among the shattered rocks of the mountaintop." (Golding 96).

3.1. This quote shows how rocky and Jagged the island is and how it is evil.

3.1.1. Sierra

4. " When they came out of the forest again, the sun was setting and only embers glowed in the fire, there was no smoke. " ( Golding 163).

4.1. This quote shows that they have been in the forest for a really long time. Plus, it shows that this is one of not many Ralph's only rules for the boys. Ralph is very serious about keeping the fire lit because he wants to get rescued. This is also one of the main reasons that Jack and Ralph are fighting.

4.1.1. Nick

5. "On their left was an impenetrable tangle of creepers and trees"(Golding 97).

5.1. - This makes it seem as though the boys are forced to go and do certain things because the island makes them

5.1.1. Nick

5.1.2. spear

6. " He walked with an accustomes trend through the acres of fruit trees, where the least energetic could find an east if unsatisfiying meal. " ( Golding 56).

6.1. This quote is about Simon walking through the fruit trees. He was walking through all the trees and giving fruit to the all the little-uns. He was caring for them, while some of the older boys are fighting with one another.

6.1.1. Fruit Tree Shay

7. "The pig run kept close to the jumble of rocks" (golding 109).

7.1. I think it shows a place that has been used compared to the unknown areas of the island

7.1.1. Pig Run Shay

8. "There was one flat rock there, spread like a table, and the waters sucking down on the four weedy sides made them seem like cliffs. Then the sleeping leviathan breathed out, the waters rose, the weed streamed and the water boiled over the table rock with a roar." (Golding 105).

8.1. The physical environment in this quote is corresponding with Ralph's emotions. The water sucking in represents Ralph pulling in his emotions and acting brave to go hunt the beast. The waters flowing out and drowning the table represent Ralph's emotions that are scared and nervous. These emotions flood over him and take over his actions.

8.1.1. Sierra

9. "The tall grass was now full of hunters" (Golding 104)

9.1. -This gives the image that the hunters are animals stalking a prey, in this instance, the prey is Ralph

9.1.1. Carlie - The hunters were crouching with weapons in their hands.

10. "The rock was as big as the summer cottage mother took me to, then with a crash, the the tribe pushed it down "(Golding 181)

10.1. This gives the tribe the image that they are unstoppable and that they are super powered.

10.1.1. Sierra

11. " The afternoon died away; the circular spots of sunlight moved steadily over green frounds and brown fiber but no came from behind the rock "

11.1. This is the page after Piggy's death. I believe that Golding describes the sunlight this way so it can represent Piggy. Ether through a thought of a soul, or maybe the heavens opening up.

11.1.1. Sun set Shay

12. "Now the fire was nearer; those volleying shots were great limbs, trunks even, bursting." (Golding 198).

12.1. Jacks tribe set the island on fire, trying to seize Ralph. Since this is at the very last part of the book, setting the island on fire is a kind of self destruction. The island is falling apart and exploding as well as the boys’ sanity and innocence.

12.1.1. Campfire

13. "There was no sign of the storm, And the beach swept clean like a blade that had ben scoured" (Golding 173).

13.1. I think this shows the passing of the storm or the bad times that have been going on like the deaths on the island.

13.1.1. Carlie - hot, clear beach

14. " They built a pyramid of leaves and twigs and branches and logs, in the bare sand by the platform" ( Golding 116).

14.1. This is showing the 2nd fire that the boys made on the island after they discovered the 'beast '. They also made it out of things from around the island.

14.1.1. Carlie - This picture shows how their pyramid might have looked.

15. "The forest re-echoed; and birds lifted, crying out of the treetops" (Golding 170).

15.1. I think the birds reoresent the boys escaping from the island

15.1.1. Sierra

16. “The coarse grass was still worn away where the assembly used to sit; the fragile white shell gleamed by the polished seat.” (Golding 155).

17. " The filmy enchantment of mirage could not endore the cold ocean water and the horizon was hard, clipped blue" ( Golding 110).

17.1. This is what the other side of the island looks like. These description that Golding makes are very discriptive so e makes you imagine this island very vividly.

17.1.1. calm sea

18. "Find the deepest thicket, The darkest hole, on the island and creep in" (Golding 197).

18.1. I Feel that this quote is saying hide from ur fear and insecurity

18.1.1. Carlie - This is a picture of the dark part of the jungle. The path in the middle also relates to the pig run.

19. Sierra Wilson

20. “Then the clouds opened and let down the rain like a waterfall.” (Golding 153).

20.1. The rain was an eye-opener for the boys. It made them step back and see what they had done to Simon.

21. "They had built castles in the sand at the bar of the little river. These castles were about one foot high and were decorated with shells. withered flowers, and interesting stones." (Golding 59).

21.1. The littluns were building sand castles. Despite their situation they are still peacefully playing like kids. The island has an abundance of shells for the boys to play with because the boys seem to acquire shells very easily.

21.1.1. Sierra

22. Shay Wind

23. Carlie Grabenstein

24. Nick Kucharski