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Economy & Resources by Mind Map: Economy & Resources

1. "We can use this (the conch) to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us" (Golding, 16).

1.1. conch shell

1.2. Piggy and Ralph know that there are others on the island but they do not know where they are. They find a conch shell and this becomes a very useful resource in order to call a meeting and get the attention of the other boys.

1.3. The conch will be a way to call the other kids on the island for meetings

2. "Which is better-to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill" (Golding 180)

2.1. This shows that in our economy we have duties and responsibilities in order to create a smooth society and keep it structured.

2.2. The boys are arguing about which jobs are most effective and necessary for their survival on the island.

3. "Piggy held up the conch and the booing sagged a little, then came up again to strength" (Golding 179)

3.1. The conch, the most powerful and symbolic resource on the island, still controlled and calmed some of the boys because the resource shows power and control.

3.2. The conch, from the beginning of the story, becomes the most powerful resource and that is why all of the boys wish to have it.

4. "We shall take fire from the others." (Golding,161)

4.1. The group is taking fire and using it as a resource so they will have their own fire

4.2. Fire is a resource and awesome for cooking all the meat and stuff.

4.3. Even though the intentions of Ralph with the fire vary from that of Jack's, they both are very desperate for Piggy's glasses in order to start a fire.

5. "Down there we could get as much wood as we want." (Golding 39)

5.1. The wood is a very useful resource for the boys because this will allow them to start a fire and get the attention of any passing ships which would be able to rescue them.

5.2. They are implying that at the moment there is an unlimited supply of wood and that they will need a lot later on for the fire.

5.3. The wood that they are using is now drying up and becoming a good reasouce for fire wood

6. "They ate most of the day, picking fruit where they could reach it and not particular about ripeness and quality" (Golding, 59).

6.1. Because the boys do not have an abundant supply of food resources, they take what they can get and don't care about the quality of the item that they are consuming.

6.2. The kids are eating all they can because it is harder to get food the longer they are on the island

7. Key

7.1. Caleb Kastein

7.2. Grace Sluss

7.3. Eli Oceanak

7.4. Ethan Nibbelink

7.5. Sophie Weber

8. "We were going to have water brought from the stream and left in those coconut shells under the fresh leaves" (Golding 79)

8.1. This shows how essential and imperative it is to have the resources like fresh water to be an organized society

8.2. coconuts

8.3. The boys are right on track and clearly know that their water resource is one of the most important things they need.

9. "Remember what we came for. The fire. My specs." (Golding, 177)

9.1. These are two of the three most important things on the island, the center of the economy. The third is the conch.

9.2. Piggy knows what's important to them, as resources on the island, and he is trying to get them back.

10. " A fire! Make a fire!"

10.1. Fire will help them keep warm during the night and it will help them get rescued.

10.2. It is also a good way to attract ships

10.3. Fire creates smoke and the boys don't necessarily need fire, they need smoke more than anything as a resource to attract ships.

11. "Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled off the choicest from up in the foliage, passed them back down to the endless, outstretched hands" (Golding 56)

11.1. "The endless, outstretched hands" is showing how desperate the boys are for food.

11.2. Simon pulled down fruit for the younger kids so they could eat. This is also an important resource because you need food for energy and strength to fully survive.

12. This is a hunter's job (Golding 85)

12.1. In order to operate properly on the island and make everything come together, Jack believes that they must have separate jobs and his main job is to be a hunter.

12.2. Hunters make meat which is, uh, pretty good for the society and stuff.

12.3. In our economy today we have particular responsibilities and tasks; (doctors help keep people healthy, teachers educate

13. "We chose those rocks right along beyond the bathing pool as a lavatory" (Golding, 81).

13.1. Not only are the boys using their resources to stay alive, but they are also using the rocks to create a lavatory in order to stay as sanitary as possible while on the island.

14. "This head is for the beast. It's a gift" (Golding, 137)

14.1. They're giving valuable resources to the beast

14.2. The boys are thinking that if they sacrifice something for the beast, like the pigs head, then the will be left alone by it.

14.3. The head is not actually a gift for the beast, but a way for Jack to hide is fear of the beast by protecting himself with the head.

14.4. The boys believe the beast will be satisfied with the offering. However, Jack uses the beast to his advantage by making it seem like he "controls" the beast and can "reason" with it.

15. "Because if you want to cook fish or crab, you can jolly well go up the mountain. That way, we'll be certain." (Golding pg 81)

15.1. Ralph is making them use the rescue fire as a resource for cooking their food. If they want to cook food, they will have to keep that fire going so it doesn't burn out.

16. "There's no food here, and no shelter. Not much fresh water." (Golding, 108)

16.1. This is what Ralph says when he sees Jack's eventual fort. Jack is bad at picking resources.

16.2. The boys are having a hard time getting set up on the island.

17. "Piggy's specs!" shouted Ralph. "If the fire's all out, we'll need them"(Golding, 67).

17.1. The fire has become the most important thing on the island because that is their best chance of being rescued. This makes Piggy's glasses one of the most important resources because that is the most efficient way to start the fire.

18. "But to judge by the greasy faces, the meat eating was almost done." (Golding pg 148)

18.1. The group was having a feast with pig meat as their food resource. You could tell they really enjoy this resource by how much they've used it.

19. "His spear twisted a little in his hands and then he withdrew it again. "Ooh- ooh-" (Golding pg 194)

19.1. Ralph is using his spear to defend himself from one of the savages. He slides it through an opening to injure him and keep them from getting to him.

19.2. Blood is a resource, you can drink it and get all the nutrients, like iron.

19.3. The spears are a resource in the boys society. They are the main defense and offense weapon of the boys, similar to our main weapon the gun.

20. "He would like to have a pair of scissors and cut this hair. He could like to have a bath, a proper wallow with soap"(Golding, 109).

20.1. The small but important resources are becoming more necessary as the boys stay on the island longer.

20.2. The resources they take for granted are a necessity now

21. "They would be savoring food and the comfort of safety" (Golding 186)

21.1. Ralph recognizes in this quote how important resources are to the boys and how they bring us comfort and safety.

22. "If only we could make a plane, or a radio, or a boat" (Golding, 162).

22.1. The kids are wanting to make something out of the resources from the island to get off the island

22.2. At this point in the story, the boys are caring less about what resources they find on the island and more about simply finding a way to get off the island

23. "Two boys rolled out a pile of brush wood and dead leaves" Goldining pg. 85

23.1. The boys are using a resource that is almost unlimited, but will run out sometime.

24. "There was still food left, sizzling on the wooden spits" Golding pg. 94

24.1. The boys had a lot of food from the pigs, and they remembered that they could use a spear as a spit to cook the pigs

25. "I've come to see about the fire," said Ralph, "and Piggy's specs" (Golding 176)

25.1. Ralph is trying to get the two things he needs to get off the island so a ship might see them.

26. "They were guarding the Castle Rock" Golding pg. 186

26.1. This means they are using the Castle rock as a place for them to get shelter when it rains.

26.2. The boys are using every resource around them, whether it is food, a shell, or shelter. They are using everything to their advantage and are constantly looking for more resources to help their own individual cause

27. "He bent down and waited. Ralph cradling the conch, rocked himself to and fro", (Golding 157)

27.1. Ralph is becoming more and more dependent on the conch, it is what gives him power and it is an essential resource in order for the boys to function and operate together.