Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies

1. “You let me carry the conch, Ralph. I’ll show him the one thing he hasn't got.” (Golding, PG 171) This quote describes the importance of the conch to the kids who are stranded on the island it also resembles to them order and organization and doing what Piggy describes just shows that the hunters don’t have either of those things when they don’t have the conch.

2. “Eric squatted back and watched Sam make up the fire. He built a little tent of dead wood and the fire was safely alight.” (Golding, 97) This piece of text demonstrates Eric and Sam basically use each others resources and capabilities of certain things to complete task together very often.

3. “He lost himself in a maze of thoughts that were rendered vague by his lack of words to express them” (Golding, 76). In this piece of text it demonstrates the lack of nutrition the boys have, because they don't have access to resources that can give them nutrition.

4. The boy's reaction to lack of nutrition reminds me of how some people react to higher altitude where they feel like they can't think straight and they find themselves at a loss of words to describe their thoughts.

5. “There were piles of meat on green leaves near him, and fruit, and coconut shells full of drink.” (Golding 149)

5.1. Not too earlier on in the novel, Ralph talks about how there are never any coconut shells with water and not any meat. However now, Jack’s group seems to have more resources than they need, piling them around Jack not because he needs them, but because they have so much left over.

6. "All day I've been working with Simon. No one else. They're off bathing, or eating, or playing." (Golding 50)

7. Without many boys actually working, the boys' resources are very limited because there are only a few people that are contributing to the group by building more shelters or getting food other than berries.

8. The boys' dependency on everyone working together and working hard reminds me of an assembly line. If one person in an assembly line is slower than all the rest, then the whole assembly line will not be as efficient, which is quite similar to the boys' predicament, where if one boy slacks off then the other boys follow, and eventually there's only a few people working and getting things done.

9. I think that Jack the reasons that Jack feels more confident in the dark is very similar to how thieves or criminals feel more confident in the dark, because they don't necessarily want others to know what they're doing, so they feel more comfortable doing things like reenacting hunts, murder, and stealing resources in the dark, where no one can see them.

10. “Then as the blue material of the parachute collapsed…” (Golding 146)

11. "There was no lack of boys to choose from." (Golding 24)

12. “There was still food left, sizzling on the wooden spits, heaped on the green.” (Golding 149)

13. The boys used to complain about the lack of meat that they had. However now, the boys have so much meat that they have plenty left over shows how the boys have adjusted to life on the island and how they’ve learned to utilize all the resources the island has to offer.

14. It is mentioned earlier in the book that many of the boys’ clothes are torn. If the boys utilized the parachute as a resource, then their clothes would not be in such bad shape. Also, the fabric of the parachute could be used to protect the shelters from water if it were to rain again on the island.

15. The fact that the hunters are using such inhumane ways to intimidate the other boys reminds me of the cold war, where nuclear weapons were used more for intimidation than aanything else.

16. If there are large amounts of boys, that means that there is a large variety of skills throughout the group as well as more people who can hunt, increasing the chances of the boys catching food. However this could also be a bad thing for the boys because if the more people there are in a group, the less resources each person gets and the more shelters that need to be built.

17. “Ralph moaned faintly. Tired though he was, he could not relax and fall into a well of sleep for fear of the tribe. Might it not be possible to walk boldly into the fort, say-- "I've got pax," laugh lightly and sleep among the others? Pretend they were still boys, schoolboys who had said, "Sir, yes, Sir"--and worn caps? Daylight might have answered yes; but darkness and the horrors of death said no. Lying there in the darkness, he knew he was an outcast” (Golding 186). “If it were light shame would burn them at admitting these things. But the night was dark. Eric took up; and then the twins started their antiphonal speech” (Golding 188).

18. Jaden

19. Caroline

20. Lydia

21. " ' - a conch; ever so expensive. I bet if you to buy one, you'd have to pay pounds and pounds and pounds.' " (Golding 16) " ' We can use this (conch) to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us - ' " (Golding 16).

22. The conch was a valuable resource found on the island. This is not because it would be worth a lot of money. So far in the book there is no way for the boys to receive or use money. Therefore, the amount of money the conch is worth does not matter. The sound the conch made was what made it useful. Ralph and Piggy used the conch to call the other boys on the island. This worked successfuly in uniting these two boys with the others. With a larger group of boys there would be more knowledge, strength, etc. The boys chances of survival improved because of the conch.The conch was a valuable resource found on the island. This is not because it would be worth a lot of money. So far in the book there is no way for the boys to receive or use money. Therefore, the amount of money the conch is worth does not matter. The sound the conch made was what made it useful. Ralph and Piggy used the conch to call the other boys on the island. This worked successfuly in uniting these two boys with the others. With a larger group of boys there would be more knowledge, strength, etc. The boys chances of survival improved because of the conch.

23. " 'His specs - use them as burning glasses!' " (Golding 40). "Ralph moved the lenses back and forth, this way and that, till a glossy white image of the declining sun lay on a piece of rotten wood. Almost at once a thin trickle of smoke rose up and made him cough" (Golding 41).

24. The glasses are somewhat of an unpredictable or odd resource. They wouldn't be the first object a person would think of as a useful resource. They ended up being one of the most beneficial resources of the first two chapters. They created the fire. The fire brought warmth and light. This was one of the first actions the boys performed to help them survive. The glasses were a helpful resource at this time and might be helpful in the future of the book.

25. quote: "look, we've killed a pig!"(Golding, Pg. 69) Analisys: It shows how the have meat resources on the island

26. "We've got to make smoke up there or die" This is show how there using a fire resource to signal for rescue

26.1. Gunter

27. "There was indeed a long green smudge halfway up the rock. They climbed up and tasted the trickle of water. 'You could keep a coconut shell there, filling all the time.'" (Golding 109). "Side by side they scaled the last height to where the diminishing pile was crowned by the last broken rock... 'Shove a palm trunk under that and if an enemy came-look!' A hundred feet below them was the narrow causeway, then the stony ground, then the grass dotted with heads, and behind ttat the forest. 'One heave' cried Jack, exulting, 'and-wheee-!'" (Golding 109).

28. "Jack, concealed from the sun, knealt by the pool and opened two large leaves that he carried. One of them contained white clay and the other red. By them lay a stick of charcoal brought down from the fire" (Golding 63). "He made one cheek and one eye-socket white then he rubbed red over the other half of his face and slashed a black bar of charcoal across from right ear to left jaw" (Golding 63).

29. The boys are finding ways to utilize natural resources that they found in the cave. They are figuring ways to thrive and survive off the land now that they are adapting to life on the island. They are figuring ways to engineer devices to keep out intruders and find clean and safe drinking water.

30. The clay and the charcoal are valuable resources found on the island. This is because they were used to create jack's mask. This mask would make it easier to hunt and kill a pig, which Jack and the hunters did because of the mask. The clay and charcoal helped to catch the pig which became food for the boys.

31. "There's no village smoke, and no boats." (Golding 26).

32. This book is set in World War 2, before main heating was based on fires and not electrical heaters and furnaces, so the boys are relying on the smoke to determine whether the area is civilized. Also, the dependence on boats means that during the World War 2 era, planes weren't being used for frequent trade or travel so they are looking for a boat because it will be more likely to find.

33. "He would like to have a pair of scissors and cut his hair-he flung the mass back-cut this filthy hair right back to half an inch. He would like to have a bath, a proper wallow with soap. He passed his tongue experimentally over his teeth and decided that a toothbrush would come in handy too." (Golding 109).

34. Ralph is thinking about the resources that have been denied to him while on the island. He desires to be clean, because it is a way to reconnect back to everyday society.

35. "We'll raid them and take fire. There must be four of you; Henry, and you, Robert, and Maurice. We'll put on paint and sneak up; Roger can snatch a branch wile I say what I want." (Golding 136).

36. Even the savage boys need a fire, but their dependence is for a different reason. They're not looking out for their own preservation, but for cooking and gloating about their victory in killing a sow. Also, notice how they use the paint on their faces as an intimidation or a scare tactic because the other boys find it intimidating; almost inhuman.

37. The fact that most of the boys are not working and doing the jobs that they are supposed to could affect the economy negatively. People are a significant piece to a successful economy. People have to work and make contributions to that economy to ensure that it survives. If all of the boys are not working, their “economy” will fail. One of the quotes above tells about how not all of the boys helped to build all of the shelters. Because of this one of the shelters is weak and unsufficient. The product was not built to standards. Because of this it probably the last shelter that any of the boys want to use. An example of a situation in real life similar to this could involve the production of furniture. If not all workers are working and working to their best ability the furniture is not going to turn out as good as it should have. There would be creaky tables and lumpy couches. If these pieces of furniture end up like this no one will buy them and they will not sell. A profit will not be made and therefore the economy is affected negatively. To summarize, the boys need to work to make their economy successful. If they work they will have sturdy shelters, replenished water, a fire to cook food, etc. They will have items and resources that all of the boys want and can use. This will in the long run improve their chances of survival as well.

38. Light was a resource that became necessary for the boys not only in a physical way but in a mental way as well. Light more so resembled civilization while dark resembled savagery. Light was a resource that Ralph had wanted at the times when it was dark. Ralph feels like an outcast in the dark. He is not a savage like the rest of the boys and the dark reminds him of this. During the day Ralph feels like he fits in more. He has more confidence and power in the light than he does in the dark. Because of this light is a useful resource to Ralph Light may not be as of a useful resource to someone like jack who is a savage. Light would be a weakness to Jack. Nighttime and darkness would give Jack more power and confidence because he is a savage. Jack fits in in the dark and can be himself there. Light was a resource commonly mentioned throughout the book. There are many physical purposes for it, but there are also mental ones that can be both helpful and harmful.

39. "When you went to bed there was a bowl of cornflakes with sugar and cream. And the books-they stood on the shelf by the bed, leaning together with always two or three laid flat on top he had not bothered to put back properly. They were dog-eared and scratched... Everything was alright; everything was good-humored and friendly." (Golding 112).

40. In this section, Ralph talks about the resources he remembered having before he was on the island, like the books. It all seemed so peaceful, and ordinary things that he would have otherwise taken for granted became some of his fondest memories.

41. This is a good idea. I had never thought of the parachute as a resource, but it could be used as one in these ways and in others. There were probably many other resources on the island that the boys could have used but didn't. Maybe some of these items, like the parachute, could have helped them to survive better. It makes me realize that there was a whole other world of resources that the boys could not see and make use of on the island.

42. Being clean is a way to reconnect to everyday society. In everyday society people can take showers, cut their hair, and brush their teeth as often as they would like to. Ralph and the rest of the boys don't have these opportunities on the island. The are not able to live the normal human lifestyle. This quote makes me reflect on myself. I would hate having to go even a couple of days without being clean. It wouldn't feel normal or right. because of this I can imagine how the boys, especially Ralph, were feeling. Some of them must have felt inhuman or odd too.

43. This also reminds me of Bear Grylls. In his show he used to use parachutes in many different and unique ways to help him survive.

44. The masks also were used for intimidating the other boys, and they resulted in the boys letting out more of "the beast" inside them. This makes the mask a more dangerous and evil resources, almost like a weapon for the hunters to use against the other boys.

45. This quote was one of my favorites in the novel. Ralph describes a small portion of his life and this portion is very relatable to many people. Ralph spent his nights with cereal and worn books. His nights were very simple but they made him happy. Having this memory while on the island must have been somewhat painful for Ralph. The memory is so far away and at the time he would never know if he would experience it again. What was just an everyday event in Ralph's life probably seemed like a dream to him. He just wanted to be home, living his normal life and doing familiar things.

46. Your analysis reveals a major difference between jack and Ralph's groups. Jack and his tribe have and abundance of food while Ralph and his few followers have barely any. Jack does not have to worry about food while it is constantly a thought on Ralphs's mind. This brings to importance that people can be resources too. Jack and his hunters are important resources because they can bring food. Ralph does not have the resource of the hunters and therefore he has no food.

47. Jack surrounded by all of the food also reminded me of the movie Beauty and the Beast. There is a scene in the movie will Joins all of the inhabitants of the mansion for a feast. She too is surrounded by an abundance of food that she will surely not eat all of.

48. I can understand how you can compare the boy's inhumanity to war. The boys were at war for a large chunk of the novel. Jack and Ralph were fighting against each other and they were inhuman while doing this. There thoughts and actions were none that any sane person would think of doing. The boys were savages who had lost their humanity. Because the boys experienced their war in this way, it can be questioned if people in real life fighting in actual wars had/have the same feelings. Were the soldiers and fighters of World War II or the Cold War savages like the boys? Did they lose their humanity and perform inhuman acts in order to reach their goals as well? Are the wars that occurred throughout history similar to the the war Golding wrote?

49. "’Wait a minute! I mean, who built all three? We all built the first one, four of us the second one, and me 'n Simon built the last one over there. That's why it's so tottery. No. Don't laugh. That shelter might fall down if the rain comes back. We'll need those shelters then’" (Golding 80). “‘The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don't keep a fire going? Is a fire too much for us to make? … Look at us! How many are we? And yet we can't keep a fire going to make smoke. Don't you understand? Can't you see we ought to--ought to die before we let the fire out?’ “(Golding 80).

50. Alicia Jones

51. I can understand how you can compare the boy's experience to war. The boys were in a war throughout a large part of the book and acted inhuman during this time. The actions, words, and thoughts from Jack, Ralph, and some of the other boys were ones that no sane person would think of doing. The boys were savages who had lost their humanity. This makes me wonder if soldiers and fighters in real life act/acted the same way. Did they act like savages and become inhuman to accomplish their goals? Were they like the boys on the island? Were the Cold War, World War II, and all of the other wars that occurred in history similar to the one Golding wrote about?

52. “We’ve got to make smoke up there or die” (Golding, 81) this piece of text helps demonstrate the boys desperate need to escape the island, because they can’t survive off of the resources they have on the island.

53. “These spears are made out of wood” (Golding, 100) This helps demonstrate how the boys don’t have great quality materials to go hunting with instead they have to use spears that are made out of wood to go hunt with which most of the boys don’t like having to use.

54. When I read that section of the book I never thought about that but that is a good point, because that is one of the ways any person in the world at that time would see civilization as.

55. When I read that part of the book I thought they were starting to get very clever and smart on how to basically evolve their island life so it could be better than it was before.

56. I thought it was interesting how much more Jack's group thrived compared to Ralph's group I would think the more civilized group would have gather fruit more often and wouldn't have to worry about food so much

57. I find it so shocking that the boys that are so young would think of doing such violent actions and raiding another group of people trying to survive on the island like them.

58. I wonder how people who put a lot of work into their look on a daily basis would react to living like this for a long period of time.

59. " Because the rules are the only thing we've got" This shows how thw have some form of rules and economy to keep some what civilized.

59.1. "that shelter might fall down if the rain comes back" This shows how they used there resources to build shelters that are sustainable.

60. "There's no village smoke and no boats."