School or Friends

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School or Friends by Mind Map: School or Friends

1. Sacrifice missing my best friend's bar mitzvah to finish all my homework?

2. There are more parties out there, but school always comes first no matter what.

3. Finish my homework first, and than arrive to the occasion, if even it is late

4. Bring my homework to the Bar Mitzvah and do it on my free time.

5. If I did not show up, my best friend would hate me.

6. If I did not go, I would have finished all my homework, and than I would apologize to my friend.

7. If I did go, I would have experienced my first Bar Mitzvah and I would have been with my Bestfriend

8. If I went, I would have not been able to finish all my homework and my parents would have been very mad at me.

9. School is important, even if it means not supporting my best friend.

10. Before I went to the Bar Mitzvah, I began my homework, and then I left the party early to finish all my homework.

11. My friend was glad I came and I was able to finish all my homework. I was able to multi-task