Film Opening Synopsis For My Horror Movie Opening

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Film Opening Synopsis For My Horror Movie Opening by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis For My Horror Movie Opening

1. Props

1.1. Knifes

1.2. Guns

1.2.1. Flamethrowers

1.2.2. Pistols

1.2.3. Rifles

1.3. Swords

1.4. Phones

2. Diegesis

2.1. High tense, low beat music

2.2. Dark, horror themed

3. Locations

3.1. Where the killing can take place

3.1.1. Alleyway

3.1.2. Bedroom

3.1.3. Flats

3.1.4. Old derelict building

3.1.5. On the street

3.2. Where a chase can happen

3.2.1. Warehouse

3.2.2. Through the street

3.2.3. Back Alleyways

3.2.4. Estates/Council areas

4. Editing

4.1. Fast paced editing for the chase scene, camera is always locked on to the victim so the viewer does not know who the killer is until the very last moment when he takes the victims life.

4.2. The cuts are quick

5. Costume

5.1. Killer

5.1.1. Hooded Jumper

5.1.2. Torn / Scruffy Clothing

5.1.3. Hat to disguise

5.2. Victim

5.2.1. Civilised

5.2.2. Casual

5.2.3. Maybe coming from a party? A dress or suit of some sort

6. Plot

6.1. Character is walking through an alleyway. He hears a noise and is startled by a low, groaning sound. He starts to run and a chase begins. Eventually, both the killer and the victim arive at a dead end. The victim, who is shocked and confused, makes a run for it to try and get past the killer. The killer then grabs the victim and takes his life. No dialogue to add the the eeriness of the opening.

7. Characters

7.1. The Victim: My victim is a shy, 21 year old who enjoys walking and cycling. He is played by Luca Schiavone.

7.2. The Killer: My killer is a 35 year old, single man from Kempston. He uses his horse mask to disguise himself from the victims he preys on.

8. Mise En Scene

8.1. The dark, abandoned house at the back of the school.

9. Conventions

9.1. Killer always catches victim

9.2. Dark, Creepy locations for the killing to take place

9.3. Killer never speaks (Unless they say something just before they kill the victim