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Content Marketing by Mind Map: Content Marketing

1. Guides

1.1. The Advanced Guide To Content Marketing

1.2. The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

1.3. The Beginner's Guide To Online Marketing

1.4. A Beginner's Guide To User Acquisition

1.5. The Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking

2. Analytics

2.1. Google Analytics Essential Training

2.2. Startup Metrics for Pirates

2.3. A/B Testting Primers & Tools

2.3.1. Beginner's A/B Testing Toolkiit

2.3.2. Experimenting an Testing Primer

2.4. Keyword Difficulty Tools

3. Social Media Marketing

3.1. 30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, and Emails

3.2. 5 free Tools to optimize social media marketing

3.3. 7 Hashtag research tools:

3.4. Free & Easy Influencer Research Tools

3.5. Best & Worst Times to Post on Social Media

3.6. Pinterest SEO:7 Tips from a Pinterest Engineer

3.7. Setting Social Media Goals

3.8. 23 Tools & Resources to Create Images for Social Media

3.9. Facebook

3.9.1. Facebook Advertising

3.9.2. Creating custom audiences

3.10. Setting Social Media Goals

4. Email Marketing

4.1. 8 Effective Email Marketing Strategies Backed By Science

4.2. How to do Mail Merge

4.3. 7 Marketing Tactics to Increase Growth

5. Blog

5.1. A 38-point Blog Optimization Check-List

5.2. Identifying Blog Topics Relevant to Your Audience