Got Bounce?

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Got Bounce? by Mind Map: Got Bounce?

1. Adversity: Difficult problems you will face in life.

1.1. Adversity

2. Resilience: Ability to adapt well in difficult situations.

2.1. Resilience

3. What are 10 tips to help build resilience?

3.1. Get Together: Talk to your family and friends about hardships.

3.1.1. Cut yourself some slack: Be prepared and don't be so hard on yourself. Create a Hassle-Free Zone: Family and friends have their own stresses and may want to spend time with you if something serious has happened. Stick to the Program: During a time of stress stick to your routine and don't stray away from it.

4. Savanna Warner Chad Byykkonen

5. Examples of when teens may want to be resilient at school.

5.1. When a student gets a really bad grade on a project, then they ask to redo it to get a better grade.

5.1.1. If a student is being bullied then that student should talk to and adult about it.

6. Examples of when teens may want to be resilient in personal life.

6.1. When they just had an argument with their parents and they don't want to apologize, but do anyway.

6.1.1. When they fight with friends and forgive them.

7. Situation: Tom gets a bad grade on a Geography test and caused him to fail the class

7.1. Resilient: Tom would ask to retake the test and/or do extra work for a better grade.

7.1.1. Not Resilient: Tom would leave the grade as is and fail the class.