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Got bounce by Mind Map: Got bounce

1. Resilience:

1.1. The ability to adapt well in the face of hard times.

2. Adversity

2.1. difficulties or misfortunate mistakes

3. 10 tips to build resilience

3.1. 1, Get together- talk to friends and parents 2, Cut yourself some slack- to be prepared and go easy on yourself.3, Create a hassle free zone- Make your room a hassle free zone so where you can go to relive your stress. 4. Stick to the program- When really stressed try to create a routine so you can try to bring that stress down. 5, Take care of yourself- Physically, mentally and spiritually you have to take care of yourself. 6. Take control- You can still complete small goals when in a tragedy. 7. Express yourself- When going through emotions make sure to tell people how you feel don't hold it in. 8. Help somebody- It helps your mind if you stop and take to help other people. 9. Put things in perspective- The thing that people are talking about could be the thing that is stressing you out. 10.Turn it off- Limit the stuff you watch or read about because the stuff on the news could be the thing that is stressing you out.

4. 2 personal resilience examples

4.1. When your family may need you to help out

4.1.1. When you start to isolate and become more alone

5. 2 examples for resilient at school

5.1. When you fail a test and study harder for next time

5.1.1. Getting extra creditnto pass the class with good attituide.

6. Tom gets back a final test he took in geography and the score was so poor it caused him to fail the class for the trimester.

6.1. If he was resilient he would talk to the teacher and ask for a retake and study harder to try to pass and try hard on his daily work

6.1.1. If he wasn't resilient he would just give up and not try to do harder and just think hes a failure.

7. Zak K Gavin S