Got bounce

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Got bounce by Mind Map: Got bounce

1. If tom is not resilient he would not ask for help. Once he failed the test and he knew he was failing the class he didn't do anything to help himself do better. He just wouldn't care anymore.

2. Tom should talk to his teacher about his failing test. If he doesn't want to fail he should see what he can do to get his grade up in that class.

3. Tom gets back a final test he took in Geography and the score was so poor it caused him to fail the class for the trimester.

4. Adversity

4.1. difficulties or misfortune.

5. Resilience

5.1. The ability to adapt well in the face of hard times.

5.2. 10 tips to build resilience

5.2.1. 1. Get together. Talk about your problems with people that have been through the same situation.

5.2.2. 2. Cut yourself some slack. Do not be so hard on yourself. Have confidence.

5.2.3. 3. Create a hassle-free zone. Free yourself from things that stress you out.

5.2.4. 4. Stick to the program. Make sure you have a plan/routine.

5.2.5. 5. Take care of yourself. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

5.2.6. 6. Take control. You can always move forward you just have to believe in yourself.

5.2.7. 7. Express yourself. Do something that makes you feel better about a certain situation. For example find hobbies, things that take your mind off stressful situations. But never hold in all your emotions its okay to express yourself.

5.2.8. 8. Help somebody. Sometimes helping others takes your mind off of your own problems.

5.2.9. 9. Put things in perspective.

5.2.10. 10. Turn it off. Don't let things distract you, if you ignore your electronics and things that distract you, you will concentrate much better.

5.3. When teens need to be resilient

5.3.1. 1. Failing a test 2. Not having enough credits to graduate

5.3.2. Finding a job Graduating school

6. Ciara and Josie