got bounced

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got bounced by Mind Map: got bounced

1. When your at school and you get your pants pulled down and every laughs at you and it stresses you out by people seeing your privates

2. Adversity

2.1. Difficulties

2.2. Misfortune

2.3. A condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.

3. Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

4. 10 tips to build resilience

4.1. Adversity- A condition marked by mis-fortune or clamity

4.2. Cut yourself some slack- Don't build stress up on yourself it will bring you down and go easy on yourself

4.3. Get together- Don't be afraid to ask or tell parents or friends through tough times.

4.4. Create a hassle free zone- Make your life free of stress by your home

4.5. Stick to the program- Go to school and stick with your daily routine

4.6. Take care of yourself- Physically, mentally and spiritually.

4.7. Take control- Take control at school and when time goes bad get back in control

4.8. Express yourself- Work hard or do something you wanna do to express yourself

4.9. Help somebody- Help someone else out and it will get your mind off your own problems for awhile

4.10. Put things in perspective- Put things into stuff that you will actually succeed

4.11. Turn it off- Turn off the outside world from being annoying and work harder

5. 2 school examples of resilient- is when your with friends give you a lot of stress like sports telling you you are'nt good and it stresses you out

6. By: Nathan snell and Cyrus Papenfuss

7. Situation A- Tom gets back a final test he took in Geography and the score was so poor it caused him to fail the class for the trimester.

7.1. If tom was not resilient he would get mad and start yelling and be angry and furious by droping some naughty words at the teacher

7.2. If tom was resilient he would say he would do better on his next test and pass with a good grade not fail

8. Adversity- A condition marked my mis-fortune, calamity, or distress