Got Bounce

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Got Bounce by Mind Map: Got Bounce

1. Adversity

1.1. Difficulties/Misfortune

2. resiliance

2.1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

3. How to build resilience

3.1. 1. Build Positive Beliefs in Your Abilities

3.1.1. Belive yourself and you can do anything

3.2. 2. Find a Sense of Purpose in Your Life

3.2.1. Figure out what your good and and peruse your dreams

3.3. 3. Develop a Strong Social Network

3.3.1. Make friends and don't be shy

3.4. 4. Embrace Change

3.4.1. If Something happens in your life where you have to make change look at the bright side of it

3.5. 5. Be Optimistic

3.5.1. think of the bright side

3.6. 6. Nurture Yourself

3.6.1. Make yourself feel better treat yourself to new clothes or some tasty food

3.7. 7. Develop Your Problem-Solving Skills

3.7.1. Figure out the best way to solve your problems by talking it out with someone

3.8. 8. Establish Goals

3.8.1. set goals for yourself to achieve so you will feel better when you complete it.

3.9. 9. Take Steps to Solve Problems

3.9.1. think of the easiest ways to salve problems

3.10. 10. Keep Working on Your Skills

3.10.1. keep working on skills that your good at so you get better and become a pro

4. When to be resilient during school

4.1. 1. when your grades are down and you bring them back up

4.2. 2. when you have missing work and you get it all done

5. personal examples of resilience

5.1. Getting all missing assignments done

5.2. getting all my grades back up

6. Situation B

6.1. Looking on the bright side of her situation she gets to make new friends and gets to have a new posibly bigger house