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Got bounce by Mind Map: Got bounce

1. With adversity you can feel stronger and face any of life's adversities.

1.1. adversity

2. resilience

2.1. To be resilient is to be alert and always able to spring right back into shape.

3. Tips to be resilient.

3.1. get together: talk with friends

3.2. cut yourself some slack: when something bad happens learn to not stress so much over it.

3.3. create a hassle free zone: make a room for yourself.

3.4. stick to the program: let home be your constant.

3.5. take care of yourself: take care of yourself physically mentally and spiritually.

3.6. take control: always move towards your goals.

3.7. express yourself: control your conflicting emotions

3.8. help somebody: take stuff off your mind by doing something good for someone else.

3.9. put things in perspective: alwsys remember things change and times get better.

3.10. turn it off: keep yourself in a school mode be aware of school and block out other situations.

4. when teens need to be resilient

4.1. 1.teens need to be resilient when grades are not good 2.teens that slack and have bad grades but are very smart people need to be encouraged to be resilient

4.2. 1.Teens need to be resilient when they have rough situations at home. 2. Sleeping schedules have a lot with school that's a time for kids to be resilient is to get on track with sleep

5. Tom gets back a final test he took in geography and the score was so poor it caused him to fail the class for the trimester.

5.1. someone who is resilient would ask to retake the test.

5.2. someone who isn't resilient would let them self take a failing grade rather then retake the test and get the grade they deserve.

6. Kenzie Riley& Madi Rhode & Kenzie Rhode