Got bounce?

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Got bounce? by Mind Map: Got bounce?

1. Adversity

1.1. difficulties; misfortune

2. Resilience

2.1. ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity

3. Tips 1

3.1. Get together, talk with someone.

3.1.1. cut yourself some slack, don't blame yourself so much. create a hassle-free zone, shut off phones and distractions stick to the program, don't get off track.

4. Tips 2

4.1. Take control, accomplish things.

4.1.1. express yourself, writing or art can help. help somebody, don't focus on your own problems. put things in perspective, change how you feel about it.

5. Examples when resilience is needed.

5.1. When you fail a test

5.1.1. When you are behind on credits. When your family goes through a divorce. When you have major depression.

6. Situation A

6.1. someone who is resilient

6.1.1. Talk to the teacher and ask for ways to increase the score or grade.

6.2. someone who is not resilient

6.2.1. Say whatever and just give up for the rest of the year.