How To Start/Join the Online Social Conversation

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How To Start/Join the Online Social Conversation by Mind Map: How To Start/Join the Online Social Conversation

1. Which Tools To Use?

1.1. 1) Newsletter

1.1.1. How To Create, Design And Deliver Your Email Newsletter

1.1.2. Email Newsletter Distribution And Mailing Services: Guide To The Best Free Online Solutions

1.1.3. Email Distribution And Commercial Newsletter Mailing Services: Guide To The Best Paid Online Solutions

1.2. 2) Forum

1.3. 3) Live Events

1.3.1. Live Event Promotion, Management And Marketing: Guide To The Best Web-Based Tools And Services webinars online workshops webcasts

1.4. 4) Social Media

1.4.1. Facebook Facebook Business Guide: How Companies Can Utilize Facebook Pages For Social Media Marketing - Part 1 Social Networking: A Beginner's Guide To Facebook

1.4.2. Twitter

1.4.3. YouTube

1.4.4. Linkedin

1.5. 5) Blog

1.5.1. How To Blog: A Beginner's Blog Publishing Guide

1.5.2. Best Offline Blog Editors And Web Publishing Tools - Mini-Guide

2. How To Do It?

2.1. Monitor the buzz

2.1.1. use the appropriate tools Twitter search Friendfeed search SocialMention

2.1.2. scan social media, blogs and forums

2.2. Newsletter

2.2.1. Tell stories, shares goods

2.2.2. Talk directly

2.2.3. Like a human not like a corporation

2.2.4. Use the "I" and the "You"

2.2.5. ask

2.3. Forum

2.3.1. do you have real demand for this?

2.3.2. do you have the time and resources to maintain it?

2.3.3. answer people questions

2.3.4. Forum Marketing Strategy: How To Promote Your Site Through Online Forums

2.3.5. suggest relevant discussion topics

2.3.6. ask

2.4. Live Events

2.4.1. organizare live webinars, workshops, presentations

2.4.2. share value

2.4.3. Q&A

2.4.4. help, reach out, listen in

2.4.5. use polls and surveys

2.4.6. Follow up with recordings

2.4.7. Create new content from them

2.4.8. Bridge live events with content

2.5. Social Media

2.5.1. share value Social Media Marketing Strategy Simplified: Stop Thinking Blog, Start Thinking Value

2.5.2. answer questions

2.5.3. help, reach our listen