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Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast - Brilliant At The Basics Series - Focus On One Thing At A Time by Mind Map: Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast - Brilliant At The Basics Series - Focus On One Thing At A Time

1. 3 Keys To Success In REI

1.1. Marketing

1.2. Automation

1.3. Delegation

1.4. But...

1.4.1. You have to keep them in order

1.4.2. 1) Pick one piece of marketing

1.4.3. Then... 2) Systemize it

1.4.4. Then... 3) Delegate it

1.4.5. Then... 4) Repeat - until you have at least (3-4 different types of marketing going out)

1.4.6. If you have these three things in tune, your marketing will run on virtual AUTO-PILOT

1.4.7. This is all about being "Brilliant At The Basics" These are the keys to success in this business It doesn't matter if you're getting all your leads from Realtors, direct mail, bandit signs, etc Once your systems are in place, everything else will take off Being "Brilliant" means absolutely Dominating that function or activity Being brilliant means doing it better than anyone else out there When you're Brilliant At The Basics, and you get really good at implementing your marketing and your systems, you can get good people in your business to do all that stuff for you. Done For You, In Spite Of You This is all designed to create a LIFESTYLE for you - delegating other tasks for you so you can enjoy life and focus on more important details

1.4.8. "The less you do, the more you will make"

2. How Distracted Are You?

2.1. You keep on learning new things

2.2. Chasing shining objects

2.3. Trying to be a "jack of all trades", but was a "master of none"

2.4. Meet John

2.4.1. Doing a TON of work

2.4.2. But making NO progress

2.4.3. Frustration was leading to a drop in production... He wasn't making any money

2.4.4. Why? He was doing it all! Everything he was supposed to be doing! Postcards Yellow Letters Craigslist Google PPC Bandit Signs, etc But no results

2.4.5. Solution? Wrote everything down that he was currently doing Then wrote what % complete he was with each item With John, nothing was at 100%! Everything was between 50% - 75% complete

2.5. So what do you do now?

2.5.1. Break down all your systems into the most BASIC things

2.5.2. FOCUS on just one thing at a time

2.5.3. Don't leave it until it is running at 100%

2.5.4. Once the System is in place, you Delegate it, then move on to the next System

2.6. For example - postcards

2.6.1. Break down the system and write everything down

2.6.2. 1) Get a list What list to get? How to clean the list & remove duplicates

2.6.3. 2) Set up a phone number 24 hour recorded message? Live answer? Local or toll-free?

2.6.4. 3) Where are the leads going and how are they being tracked? Podio? Google Sheets? Yellow pads?

2.6.5. 4) What is the postcard going to say?

2.6.6. 5) How often / frequency?

2.6.7. 6) Who prints and sends the postcards? Click2Mail? Local mailhouse?

2.6.8. 7) Budget

2.6.9. 8) Track results and measure

2.6.10. 9) Who is going to do what now? Write down procedure - Google Doc Do a video of you doing it Paste link to video Give it to your VA Don't forget - Measurable results & expectations!

2.6.11. Etc, etc...

3. Action Steps

3.1. "Ignorance on fire is better than fire on ice"

3.2. "Done is the new perfect"

3.3. Take a list of all the marketing that you want to do

3.4. Prioritize that list

3.4.1. Direct mail

3.4.2. Target Craigslist ads

3.4.3. Networking

3.4.4. Bandit Signs

3.5. Focus on one thing & don't leave it until it is 100% up and running without you

3.6. Get our free book "Brilliant At The Basics" -

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