Mise en Scene in Inception

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Mise en Scene in Inception by Mind Map: Mise en Scene in Inception

1. Lighting & Colour

1.1. High key lighting used on beach, implies idea o dream (Technical Code)

1.2. Lighting becomes less refined and perfect when characters are in the real world

1.3. Higher lighting shows when Dom is remising/ having a flash back of happy memories

1.4. Warm lighting and colour used around Dom's children, which shows the happiness that they bring to him

2. Setting

2.1. Setting implies idea of Asia, using semiology of dragons and architecture; symbolises that scene is set in Saito's dream.

2.2. Similar elements cross between dream world and fantasy world

2.3. Iconography of Japan

2.4. Iconography of France that shows change ins eating; bells, architecture, patisseries, cafes

2.5. More elements are present in the dream world setting that the audience have to try and take in, symbolising the vast possibilities that dreams possess

2.6. Many locations that grip the audience's attention

2.7. Preferred Reading; Time and Space is an illusion, which condenses complex plot. Never sure what is real and what is a dream

2.8. Iconography of Mombasa that shows location

2.9. White stone room becomes symbol for audience of the team's headquarters and indicates events are occurring in the real world

3. Character Expression/Movement/Body Language

3.1. Presentation of Dom through confident body language portrays Dom has hero (Propp's character theory), Preferred reading

3.2. Structuralism (with sound) implies the issues that Dom has with his wife; audience left wanting answers

3.3. Expression and Body language of the people in Dom's subconscious show hostility to Ariadne; symbolises that she is not welcome in Dom's dream world

3.4. The way the crowd in Dom's subconscious grab Dom and Ariadne shows the danger the characters are in; Ariadne's expression illustrates her fear and distress to audience

3.5. Mal's movement towards Ariadne is swift and meaningful, showing the ruthlessness and the intentions that Dom's subconscious has to remove Ariadne

3.6. Frantic movements in chase scene shows the pace of character and creates excitement for audience

3.7. Appearance of Mal symbolises Doms' inability to escape from his past

3.8. Characters body language around each other chows who they are becoming more accepting and trusting, as they form their team

3.9. Saito being welcomed more show show his character function is changing

3.10. Dom begins making more eye contact with his companions; shows how he is becoming more trussing and admitting the problems that he has to himself

3.11. Movements, expression and body language between Aridane and Dom suggest Apprentice-metor relationship; Auteur theory of Christopher Nolan

4. Props

4.1. Dream machine; important part of narrative. Can indicate when characters are in a dream or in the real world e.g. Dream within the Dream. Hypodermic Needle Theory used, as audience are thrust straight into uptake information

4.2. Use of water flooding the Japanese building symbolises the character falling into the bath in real life

4.3. Private jet shows the power and wealth the Saito possesses

4.4. Drawings that character use help enhance audiences understanding of narrative

4.5. Explosion of the objects in the french setting shows the dream world breaking apart; reveals to audience that events are occurring in the dream world

4.6. Knife used by Mal shows the danger that Ariadne is in; symbolises how Dom's subconscious is trying to eradicate the unwelcome Ariadne

4.7. Spinning Top/Totem; symbolises when actions are taking place in the dream world or real life (Iconography)

4.8. Broken picture frame shows sadness and how a cherished memory is being distorted/ forgotten

4.9. Lots of knives/guns used; conveys the thriller genre. Used a lot int eh dream state, representing the danger and the "kick" that the characters need to return to reality

5. Costume & Make Up

5.1. Suits worn by characters suggests high status and power in the dream world, as they have control

5.2. Black dress worn by Mal implies danger to audience

5.3. Ariadne costume shows simplicity and how her status is below Dom, typical parisian student

5.4. Miles' suit conveys the idea of him being a mentor and an academic; suggests that Miles is a mentor to Dom. Auteur Theory of Christopher Nolan

5.5. Dom's layered clothing shows the many layers he has a person, including the deeper issues that he keeps within

5.6. Fake blood used to enforce ideas around realism when characters suffer bullet wounds

5.7. Dom's clothing becomes more casual rather than smart as his issues are presented, symbolising who he is becoming more vulnerable