The Power of Who

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The Power of Who by Mind Map: The Power of Who

1. Fundamentals

1.1. You already know everyone you need to know.

1.1.1. You know someone who can introduce you to the person you need to meet knows the person who can help you achieve your dreams

1.2. People = Catalysts

1.2.1. What is a catalyst? Something that speeds up a process - sometimes exponentially

1.2.2. They have the power to help you achieve your goals a whole lot quicker than you could ever do on your own

1.2.3. You will succeed quicker and better with help from others

1.3. We’re Not Designed to “Go It Alone”

1.3.1. The foolishness of pride is that it pretends to be self-reliant

1.4. What you need to do?

1.4.1. Nurture and help your “Who” to achieve their dreams and goals

1.4.2. Don't deprive them the joy of helping you.


2.1. Introducing the “100/40 Strategy”

2.1.1. 100 WHO

2.1.2. 40 WHAT

2.2. Anything important you want in life will always involve relationships.

2.3. 6 Spheres = 100 WHO

2.3.1. 1. Inner circle You get 12 friends. 3 close and 1 best. The reason so many people are confused about who their true friends are is simply because they’ve never declared it. You’re on the same wavelength.

2.3.2. 2. Who Friends Each person here shares your core values. The only factors keeping them from being a part of your “Inner Circle” are proximity, opportunity, and time. These are friends – not acquaintances. An acquaintance who likes you will wish you well. But a friend will actually help you – starting now because they care about you.

2.3.3. 3. Allies People you connect with through Inner circle/Who friends

2.3.4. 4. Advocates They speak/write in support/defense of you

2.3.5. 5. Acquaintances

2.3.6. 6. Fans They think you are great But they are one degree removed from you There might be a boundary!


3.1. Let “What you want” be an extension of “Who you are”

3.1.1. When you discover “What you want” you get “Who you are” thrown in.

3.2. e. Dreaming Out Loud – The “40 List”

3.2.1. It’s the “What you want to do and accomplish in life list.”

3.2.2. You can never get what you can’t see.

3.3. You MUST have a LIST

3.3.1. A list is ruthless because it makes you be specific about “what you want & don’t want.”

3.3.2. A list helps you say yes or NO. If you don’t know your true desires, someone or something could appear right in front of you, and you wouldn’t even recognize the opportunity.

3.3.3. A list forces decision because you will have to let some things go in order to pursue what’s on your list.

3.3.4. A list acts like a menu for your life.

4. What Fits You

4.1. There’s a stream for you. There’s a flow that fits you.

4.2. Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated.

4.3. Your pot of gold (whatever that represents to you) won’t be found with people who don’t like you. You’ll never succeed with people who devalue you.


5.1. Reassess Your Influences

5.1.1. I can change your world by evaluating just three things: what you read, what you listen to, and “Who” your friends are.

5.1.2. Continually evaluate your associations All it takes is one great mentor, coach or friend to put you on fast track

5.2. How to cultivate your Who

5.2.1. Start getting involved with them

5.2.2. Invite them for things you enjoy

5.2.3. Call them more often

5.3. Multiply Your “Who”

5.3.1. If your “100 List” of special friends are telling their “100 List” that you’re great - You are great in eyes of 10000!

5.4. Telling someone your desired result is an important key to getting what you want.

5.5. Investing in Your “Who”

5.5.1. focus a larger portion of my time interacting with the people on your “100 List,”

5.5.2. “Law of the Few,” which says there are certain types of people who are unusually helpful at spreading ideas.

5.5.3. Go deep with your friendships this year – not wide! Be transformational – not transactional.

6. Who Bridge

6.1. When it comes to connecting with your dreams and goals, the golden rule is “Who” always comes before “What.”

6.2. We All Need Bridges

6.2.1. The “What” in life will take you only so far. Sooner or later you’ll come to a chasm you can’t cross

6.2.2. People are the ultimate Bridges in life



7.1.1. Mirroring = seeing someone who is already doing what you want to do.

7.1.2. Everyone is an influencer The people with whom you associate will, in large measure, determine the level of your success or failure in life




7.3.2. “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed.” – PROVERBS 13:20


8.1. The only way to have a friend is to be one! – Ralph Waldo Emerson

8.2. The top two reasons for enduring happiness

8.2.1. Connections

8.2.2. Gratitude

8.3. “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help others get what they want.”

8.3.1. Once we change our paradigm from “Me first,” “Me alone,” and “I can do it by myself,” to “How can I help you?” “What do you need?” and “Yes, I will help,” then everything in our lives will change for the better.

8.4. you don’t start a “wave” with the person on the other side of the stadium. You start with the person right next to you!