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Van by Mind Map: Van

1. When a truck crashes into a van at a high magnitude, the truck will be slightly damaged.

1.1. The truck pushes the van away from it.

1.2. The internal forces created by the external force applied will be shear and compression.

1.2.1. The truck smashes the van into the ground. The ground and truck compresses the van, making it shorter and wider.

1.2.2. When the truck applies force to the truck from different places, the truck will break.

2. A van`s center of gravity needs to be low because of sharp turns. The van`s momentum will not allow it to stop and turning will be the only safe option. During a sharp turn, any car will tilt slightly, but vehicles with a high COG will have that point cross the supports, the wheels, and fall. That is why they have lower COGs. In addition, us humans make the COG higher making an even bigger need for a lower COG.

2.1. That earlier part was about the height of the COG, this is about the side. When the COG is at one side, friction will be stronger, that side would be slower and cause the van to turn to a certain side, same with pumped and non-pumped tires. Like this drag car. Higher speeds equal to more sudden and sharp, unexpected turns. That is why their COGs are in the center of the wheels.

3. The van is a combination structure.

3.1. It is a shell structure. It is a shell structure because it his hollow and has minimal holes on the inside. This is important because us humans, their primary live load, need to stay inside the car, for safety reasons.

3.2. It is also a solid structure. It is a solid structure because of its seats. They need to be solid because of comfort, what people desire the most in a a car in the modern world. A solid (stays upright) and comfortable ( flexible foam only fits in the solid section).

3.3. It is also a frame structure. It is a frame structure because of its doors. A door needs to have separate parts so that they can open and close.