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Inspiration Software by Mind Map: Inspiration Software

1. About:

1.1. Inspiration software is a visual learning tool that helps students and teachers to learn, brainstorm, analyze, and write. This tool can be used from the ages of kindergarten to adult.

1.1.1. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and ISTE Standards apply. ARoberts

2. Products

2.1. Inspiration (Grade 6-adult)

2.1.1. Visual mapping, outlining, writing, and making presentations

2.2. Inspire Data (Graes 4-12)

2.2.1. Represent data and information in graphs and charts

2.3. Kidspiration (K-grade 5)

2.3.1. Reading and Writing Picture and writing views, pairs symbols with words, Word guide

2.3.2. Math Visual math manipulatives: color tiles, pattern blocks, base 10 blocks, fraction tiles, fraction boxes

2.3.3. Science and Social Studies

2.4. Inspiration Maps (Grades 4 & up)

2.4.1. Students are able to build visual maps such as webs, concept maps or graphic organizers in order to organize thoughts. These diagrams can then be switched to outline view where the diagram will be turned into an outline.

2.5. Kidspiration Maps (Grades K-5)

2.5.1. Students can create diagrams using pictures and then have it transferred to writing view where they are able to add full sentences.

2.6. Webspiration Classroom

2.6.1. Brainstorm and plan Mapping and visual brainstorming, graphic organizers and diagrams to develop critical thinking skills.

2.6.2. Organize and write Diagrams convert to text outlines. Able to export to word processing.

2.6.3. Collaborate effectively Invite others to work on the same document, everyone is able to make edits, make comments, and chat.

2.6.4. Student-Teacher Interaction Teachers and students can review and feedback in the comment space. Excellent tool. I love that collaboration can take place within the classroom while students are working on their projects the teacher can provide feedback. ARoberts

3. Support for both ELL and ESL students

3.1. Visual learning strategies, audio recordings, picture and writing views, and the word guide offers support to both ELL and ESL students.

3.1.1. This tool is used within my school district for this purpose and what a engaging tool it is. ARoberts

4. Visual learning

4.1. Graphic Organizers

4.1.1. Visual maps consisting of concept maps, webs, and mind maps.

4.2. Outlining/pre-writing

4.2.1. Students are able to transfer their diagrams into an outline.

4.3. Plots and graphs

4.3.1. Venn plots (comparing objects), Bar charts (mean, median, mode), stack plots, Axis plots

4.4. This is one of the most used methods of learning for me and I cannot say enough good about this program and this tool. ARoberts

5. Curriculum Integration

5.1. For each product there is a section explaining how it can be integrated into your curriculum

5.1.1. Lesson plans:

5.1.2. Common Core lesson plans:

5.1.3. Yes...I have been able to access this site at school, but do not have it at home. I love this program. ARoberts

5.2. Benefits for using this program with students who have special needs such as ADHD, autism, aspergers, dyslexia, aphasia, visual or auditory processing disorders.

5.2.1. Break up long assignments into chunks using an outline or flow chart to help students better process complex information

5.2.2. Text to speech feature

5.2.3. tools to quickly find and choose words. Great way to strengthen vocabulary and better spelling.

5.2.4. built in symbols and pictures to create visual supports

5.2.5. Sequence charts

5.2.6. Record instructions

5.2.7. This seems really useful for helping students stay on track. mmcwherter

6. URL


7. Collaborative learning tool

7.1. Students are able to create documents together.

7.1.1. Students have used this to create their group projects in a science class I was in last year. What a great experience for them. ARoberts

7.2. Students are able to edit, make comments, and chat with each other while creating the document.

7.3. Students and teachers are both able to type feedback and respond to one another through the chat box.

7.3.1. Goes back to providing support and feedback from teacher and peers. Also great for ALL students learning process, understanding, and knowledge transfer. ARoberts

8. Cost and how to use

8.1. It is not free :(

8.1.1. NO! I will invest in it still because it is worth the money:) ARoberts

8.2. Can be used as an app on your iPad or on the computer.

8.2.1. This is how we use it at my school through the iPads. ARoberts