What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? by Mind Map: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

1. Independent Distribution

1.1. Vertigo Films

1.1.1. When looking for independent distributors, I found a company called Vertigo Films, which looks to create and distribute independent cinema. They are interested in the authenticity of a film whilst paying attention to budget, which is very similar to certain aspects of my film. An disadvantage of vertigo films is that they have not produced many thriller films, so they may not be interested in distributing a film such as mine. However, an advantage of this is that the company has a gap in the market that my film could satisfy. Vertigo films has also produced a number of successful, low-budget films, such as Streetdance 3D, which means the company will be efficient a distributing my film to a wider range of audiences.

1.2. The UK Film Council

1.2.1. The UK Film Council is renowned for distributing short feature films. This company could help distribute my product around the UK despite it having a low budget.

1.3. Independent Film Co.

1.3.1. Independent is small company, but is very interested in new ideas and conventions that can be promoted within the UK, and also likes to deal with low budget films.

2. Mass Distribtuion

2.1. BBC Films

2.1.1. BBC film are one of the forefront companies in producing British Independent films, producing many feature films. They are interesting in promoting new film makers and show casing new talent in the film industry, especially films with interesting an unique context. This could be advantageous for promoting my film, as it is an original piece that is new within the film industry. As well as this, the BBC does not contain advertising within its broadcasting, which would allow for my film to receive full coverage on air. However, the BBC is a large cooperation that doesn't necessarily specialise in film production and distribution, and has a number of other projects would take priority over mine. This may make the BBC unsuitable for distributing my film.

2.2. Universal Pictures UK

2.2.1. I could look at approaching Universal to distribute my film; they have previously shown interest in films of a war/drama nature, as seen in Lone Survivor. What's more, Universal Pictures is renowned as one of the Hollywood Big Six production companies, which would means that my film would be spread to a much larger target audience.However, because of the companies reputation, it is likely to show little interest in a small production such as mine. What's more, the company is has most of its production offices based in the United States, which would not synchronise with the background of my film, as it focusses on the British military.

2.3. Film 4 Productions

2.3.1. Film 4 productions is a British channel/company that showcases a number of British film as well as producing them. They are partnered with Warm X Films, who carry a specific interest in creating low budget films that can challenge existing films to appeal to a wider audience; this is applicable to my film, as I have had work on a low budget, whilst dealing with a atypical theme that would appeal to a target audience. What's more, Film 4 have not produced many thriller-drama films that focus on the military, which means my film could fill a gap in their production market. However, the company cut its budget and staff significantly in 2002, due to mounting losses, and was re-integrated into the drama department of Channel 4, which means that it may show little interest in mass producing a thriller film such as mine.

3. What is a Media Institution?

3.1. An institution is a company that disperses a media product for audience consumption

3.2. Institutions distribute films to cinemas, either nationally or internationally, before releasing them to DVDs. Some institutions will distribute films direct to DVD.

3.3. Institutions can also have film projects pitched to the, and may fund the project.

4. What kinds of films can I relate my product to?

4.1. Lone Survivor

4.1.1. Lone Survivor was a international best selling film that dealt with similar issues of war in my film. It was distributed by Universal Studioes, which is world renowned, multi billion dollar company

4.2. Our Girl

4.2.1. Our Girl was a TV Drama series that also focused on the effects of war in Afghanistan. It was distributed by the BBC and broadcast over the course of six weekends. The BBC is a large institution, but it is not a renowned as Universal Studios

4.3. To Hell and Back Again

4.3.1. To Hell and Back Again was an American documentary about how a soldier suffering from PTSD. It was distributed by New Video USA, which is an independent company and now as big as the previous two films; however,t his documentary has still become well distributed and nominate for an Academy award.

5. How can I market my film?

5.1. Internet

5.2. Advertising

5.3. Social Networking

6. Places for Distribution

6.1. Online

6.1.1. Films can be distributed across a variety of mediums online. This includes streaming sites, such as Netflix or Blink box, who film rental sites, such as iTunes. Online destitution is effective, as it allows for a wider range of audiences to be reached, as well as maximises the platforms on which an audience can view a film, such as Games Consoles, Tablets and Laptops. This would vastly increase the number of people that I can distribute my film too. However, a problem with online distribution is the large amount of competition associated with its, as multi-million dollar films are often distributed online. I don't think my film would be able to compete with these, which could result in a loss of profit if my film was placed online. Therefore, I don't think my film would be suitable for online distribution.

6.2. Film Festivals

6.2.1. A film festival is held in a single city, and is used to screen a number of films from different regions/location in one place. This helps to attract large audiences and promote the ideas of film making and culture from various countries. A film festival would be a good place to distribute my film, as they allow for new film makes and talent to be showcased and opens up a number of opportunities when surrounded by well known talents. They also provide opportunities for feedback form many sources in order to help improve work in the future. However, my only concern may be bias, which is often shown by organisers of film festivals when picking which films to show. Despite this, I would be very interested in using a film festival to distribute my film.

6.3. Theatre

6.3.1. Theatres/cinemas have been a major source of film distribution for a number of years. They provide sources of entertainment and leisure for a number of audiences, which is improving exponentially with advances in digital technology, as seen with 3-D cinemas. Using cinemas would be an effective means of distribution for my product, as it allows for the film to reach viewers outside of the target audience. However, the use of cinema would require an extensive advertising and marketing campaign in order to persuade people to go outside the comfort to heir own homes, which may make cinemas less suitable for my product.

7. Summary

7.1. I have decided that the most appropriate distribution company for my product would be Vertigo Films; this is because the company likes is keen to support low budget films, such as mine, and have a gap in their selling market for thriller/drama films which they may be interested in fulfilling with my product. I think my film would be appropriate for distribution via film festivals, as this would allow for me to showcase my new product, as well as expose my work to other members of the industry.