Finding Cash Buyers

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Finding Cash Buyers by Mind Map: Finding Cash Buyers

1. Advertise On-Line

1.1. Craigslist

1.2. Backpage

1.3. Bigger Pockets

1.4. Zillow? - Advertise properties that you currently own

1.5. Newspaper Classifieds?

1.6. Ebay Classifieds

1.7. Facebook Buy / Sell / Trade Groups

1.8. FB ads (costs money)...

2. Signs

2.1. Sign in the yard

2.2. More than one sign in the yard

2.3. Bandit signs in the neighborhood

2.4. "Investor Special / $30k / Cash Only / Phone" - handwritten

2.5. Two Good Examples

3. Send Letters To Recent Cash Buyers

3.1. Find who purchased properties in the last 6 months in the area

3.2. Send them a "motivated seller" yellow letter

3.3. Crumple it up, fold it back

3.4. Send it in a handwritten envelope with two stamps

3.5. Send letters to people who are buying in other states

3.6. Cash Buyer's Voice Mail Script

4. Call Landlords of Nearby Rental Properties

4.1. Look on Craigslist

4.2. Zillow rentals

4.3. Look at

4.4. Don't forget to network with Property Managers

5. Partner with Other Wholesalers

5.1. Send it out to all the wholesalers that you know

5.2. Look in Craigslist for other investors that are advertising properties

5.3. Ask them if they would like to partner with you on the deal

5.4. Split the profits 50/50

6. Call Local Realtors

6.1. Find Realtors who recently sold properties in that area

6.2. Ask them if they would think that their previous clients would be looking for another property

6.3. You can tell them to add their commission to the price

7. Go To Your Local REIA Groups

7.1. Network, network, network

7.2. Flap your lips

7.3. Put flyers on the windshields of cars before the event ends

8. Misc Notes

8.1. Don't rely on the website & rely on email blasts

8.2. Get on the phone

8.3. Build relationships

8.4. You will sell most of your deals with a phone call or text

8.5. Always be building your buyer's list