Operations Manager

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Operations Manager by Mind Map: Operations Manager

1. What Am I Good At & What Do I Enjoy Doing?

1.1. Teaching & creating content

1.2. Podcast

1.3. Finding funnels I like and copying them

1.4. Marketing - being a student of marketing

1.5. Doing educational webinars

1.6. Tech - Finding the latest and greatest technologies and playing with them

2. What Am I Not Good At?

2.1. Implementing funnels - regularly & consistently

2.2. Setting up a schedule & implementing it

2.3. Taking on too many projects - getting distracted and not knowing what to do next

2.4. Focus

2.5. When I hire a team, I can't seem to give them enough to do. I am too often the bottleneck

3. Main Things I Need Help With

3.1. Create and implement my funnels

3.1.1. Wholesaling Lease Options Group Coaching - 1st ($3,000) Product - 2nd ($497 - $997)

3.1.2. Automated Wholesaling Group Coaching $3,000 - $5,000 Maybe the videos only as a downsell - $997

3.1.3. Podio Implementation / Consulting Partnering with Dan Schwartz on this Digital Marketer funnel: free lead magnet > $7 tripwire > $497 course > $5,000 consulting

3.1.4. One-On-One Coaching $10,000 min Downsell them into Automated Wholesaling Group Coaching

3.1.5. Done For You Marketing / Coaching Program with Peter Vekselman $15,000 & $1,000/mo I split the $15,000 with Peter V 50/50

3.1.6. Live Workshops / Bootcamps - St Louis & Europe Include some "done for you"? Min $5,000... Maybe more Upsell to high-end coaching Hawaii Workshop - Jan 2016

3.1.7. Leads In An Hour (with Rob Swanson) Intro $97 Average sale = $140 I get a 80/20 split on any sale I bring in Use this for FB ads - OTO

3.1.8. Arbitrage Wholesaling w/ Haskins

3.1.9. Others?

3.1.10. Affiliate Stuff Brian Haskins Products Jack Bosch Todd Toback Sean Terry Kent Clothier Patrick Riddle stuff (Justin Wilmot) Lease Options - Wendy Patton, John Jackson, Claude Diamond, etc Other high converting offers from only people I know and trust... At least 3 months after being in my funnel At least 1-2 affiliate offers a month

3.2. Manage my info projects

3.2.1. Help me create content Give me ideas for podcast content Give me ideas of who to contact for interviews Help me find someone who can write regular blog posts, or repurpose old podcasts

3.2.2. Create my funnels Take what I already have and make them better Help me map everything out and what steps to take thru the whole funnel It is easy for me to get lost & not see the forest for the trees I need help with mapping it all out on paper / maybe process diagram I need to know what things I need to do Create the webpages / design (or at least outsource this part) Integrate everything into Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels

3.2.3. Create all the follow up systems Map out a value ladder for all my products Create the email autoresponders Do retargeting campaigns - facebook & ppc banner ads Help me setup the evergreen webinars

3.2.4. Help me create promotional materials VSL Scripts One Time Offers / Upsells / Downsells Webinar outlines

3.2.5. Systems I am currently using Infusionsoft ClickFunnels Aweber 1ShoppingCart SamCart Stripe Authorize.net Wordpress with Optimizepress Kajabi Libsyn