REM Sleep

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REM Sleep by Mind Map: REM Sleep

1. Energy Use in the Brain

1.1. The metabolic rates of oxygen and glucose during REM sleep is often at or above their respective rates when the person is awake.

2. REM Behavior Disorder

2.1. This is a sleeping disorder where your body fails to approach paralysis allowing your body to react to brain activity. Many people have experienced these effects to some extent when you flinch yourself awake from slumber.

3. Physical Aspects

3.1. During REM sleep your body nears complete paralysis. This helps explain those night when you try to wake yourself up, often from a bad dream, but you are paralyzed and can't move or wake up. Lacking this physical state can lead to REM Behavior Disorder.

4. Rapid Eye Movement

4.1. This where the acronym REM is derived. During REM sleep your eyes will have continuous rapid movement and is an indicator of the brains activity which validates the increased metabolic rates of oxygen and glucose.

5. Dreaming

5.1. Dreaming occurs mostly in the REM sleep stage, where dreaming is much more lucid and reportable after being awakened. This coincides with the theory that the brain is active during REM sleep

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