Social Media for Business

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Social Media for Business by Mind Map: Social Media for Business

1. Twitter

1.1. Twitter is instant and is better at responding to issues that a customer may have experienced

1.2. Makes it easy to track what others say about your company even when they don't necessarily tweet you directly

2. Facebook

2.1. Since Facebook has many back links the websites tied to Facebook are typically higher on a search engine result. This makes it a good I dec to have a page about your company where you blog what is going on.

2.2. Makes promotions a breeze. This allows the company to people's friends who would never see anything about your company see they promo.

3. LinkedIn

3.1. This has an advantage of showing off your business as a strong force as with each employee automatically following your companies page, people can automatically see who works for the company.

3.2. LinkedIn allows the company to post things from their blog, wherever that may be. This allows businesses to post interesting news updates and have people who are interested to read further into the news. Potentially gaining curious customers.

4. Audience

4.1. With social media people are forced to see some commercials and advertisements but they are directed towards people who have an interest in that topic

4.2. Social media allows the company the ability to have people follow them because of a great commercial that may have gone viral. Rather than forcing people to watch the commercial or see it as advertising they go out of their way to see the video. Example: GoPro videos on youtube

5. Goal

5.1. Social Media allows for a multi-goal orientated approach to marketing. You can target and get your special audience and also boost PR with customer service or general issues announcements on social medial cites.

5.2. Reaching millions of more people than a simple advertisement on the tv is possible for a lower cost that may lead to gain in customers

6. Uniqueness

6.1. Social media or the internet in general allows people who may have a unique niche market to market and advertise exactly to those people where a commercial for weird or niche businesses before would have had a substantially smaller benefit.

6.2. Since social media is used by millions and even billions of people, its harder to stand out but if the product or service is unique and is a great product it will be eventually found and spread among the millions.

7. Customer Service

7.1. With the use of social media instead of having a customer walk out thinking they will never come back again, social media allows the company to offer an apology and incentives for the customer to return

7.2. Allows for one on one communication through a screen which allows for constructed and potentially full proof responses to issues and to keep the customer updated in the process of fixing those issues.