Film Opening Synoypsis

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Film Opening Synoypsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Synoypsis

1. House

1.1. Stereotypical home

1.1.1. Links to the theme of slasher presenting middle/working class homes

1.1.2. Shows comfort and safe place

2. Editing

2.1. Slow paced

2.1.1. Build suspense and adds tension, makes the plot easy to follow

2.2. Fast paced

2.2.1. Creates panic fear and confrontation

3. Plot

3.1. First scene

3.1.1. Shows Jamila packing

3.1.2. Then shows her receiving texts from the killer

3.1.3. Shows her leaving in confusion and panic

3.2. Second scene

3.2.1. Shows Jamila running in panic

3.2.2. Introduces killer and murder weapon

3.2.3. Shows her falling

3.2.4. Shows the suspense ending

4. Characters

4.1. Victim

4.1.1. Innocent teenage girl

4.2. Killer

4.2.1. Unknown

5. Setting

5.1. Field

5.1.1. Shows isolation Killer is introduced First glimpse killer links to main conventions of Slasher Key convention

5.1.2. Fast pace chase Scary effect, Suspense

6. Conventions

6.1. Slasher Genre

6.1.1. Knife weapon Murder weapon

6.2. Killer

6.2.1. Dressed in black Connotes as predator

6.3. Teenage girl

6.3.1. Connotes innocence Conventional to have younger victims

6.4. Death

6.4.1. Shows the key convention of Slasher films as unruly murder

6.5. Pace

6.5.1. The change in pace gives the audience the idea of the theme and plot change

7. Diegesis

7.1. Diegetic

7.1.1. Text sounds

7.1.2. Phone ringtone

7.2. Non Diegetic

7.2.1. Slow music (creates suspense)

7.2.2. Fast paced music (shows panic)

8. Mise en Scene

8.1. Props

8.1.1. Packing Ruc sac shows that she is running away

8.1.2. Knife

8.1.3. Phone

8.1.4. Envelopes linking to the plot

8.2. Costumes

8.2.1. Victim Casual, stereotypical, light connotes as innocent and girly

8.2.2. Killer Dark, uniform, outfit, disguise Hides face and personal features

8.3. Lighting

9. Cinematography

9.1. Long shot

9.2. Pan

9.3. Tracking

9.4. High angle

9.5. Over the shoulder

9.6. Medium shot

9.7. Close up

9.8. Match on action