Residency Map

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Residency Map by Mind Map: Residency Map

1. Engage Outside Organizations

1.1. MOVA

1.1.1. Achmatt

1.1.2. Commissioner Sutton

1.1.3. Latisha

1.1.4. Many Veteran Service providers working there

1.2. NYC DCA

1.2.1. Tom Finkelpearl

1.2.2. Diya

1.2.3. Shirley

1.3. Harlem Veteran Center

1.3.1. Walter and Ayanna

1.4. NYC Veterns Alliance

1.4.1. Kristian Rouse

1.5. New York Artists

1.5.1. Elizabeth Hamby and Hatuey

1.6. Urban Justice Center

1.6.1. Coco Culhane: Vet Advocacy project

1.7. Northeastern School of Law

1.7.1. Nulawlab

1.8. Sage Vet

1.8.1. Latina Vega

1.9. Columbia School of Law: Center for Institutional Change

1.9.1. Elizabeth Bishop

1.10. Hostos Corridors /CUNY Network

1.10.1. Moly Delano

1.10.2. Dee Saabs

1.10.3. Charles

1.10.4. Renior

1.11. Fortune Society

1.11.1. Ronald Day: Ronald F. Day | Associate Vice President of the David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy | The Fortune Society | 29-76 Northern Boulevard | Long Island City, NY 11101 | Phone: 347.510.3675| Fax: 212.633.6845|

1.12. Intersections

1.12.1. Molly Pearl at Service Together

1.12.2. Imshtal at Global Peace Making

1.13. Vanessa lang

1.13.1. Networked with Vanessa Lang – She created resources d for the War Comes Home initiative at California Humanities. Here is the link: And school-based resources developed in partnership with the CA History-Social Science Project, a statewide teacher professional development organization based at UC Davis. We had

1.14. Portland Maine Womens Conferemce

1.14.1. Vet Inc

1.14.2. Portland Vet Center

1.15. Lucid Body Theater

1.15.1. Faye and Everett

1.16. ABOG

1.16.1. Deb Fisher

1.16.2. Jan Cohen Cruz

1.17. FDNY WOMENS Mentorship

1.17.1. Adam

1.17.2. Dee

1.18. Brooklyn VA

2. Art and Creative Process

2.1. Creative Services Delivered

2.1.1. Workshops Delivered Site Visit at Brooklyn VA Art Therapy Class Aug 2016:Pape Marbelng Workshop and Digital Training with Class leader Sept 2016 Digital Workshop 2 Mid August 2016 Digital Workshop 1 Sept 27 Digital Workshop Cancelled Sept 15th Photo portrait pop-up

2.1.2. Website for La Femme Network

2.1.3. Logo Prototypes for La Femme Vet Network

2.1.4. Website to host art created by Veteran Women

2.1.5. Website to host artwork created by Veteran Men

2.1.6. Digital Training Delivered X 3

2.2. SisterVet Objects

2.2.1. Sister Vet Photos 11 NYC Portraits

2.2.2. teeshirts 100 shirts

2.2.3. website

2.2.4. paper photo transfers

2.2.5. Social Media

2.2.6. handmade paper products

2.3. Create Social Social Spaces=embedding

2.3.1. HVC Vet Womens Conference La Femme vet Network = 160 Women Gathered Participate in Community Building Sessions as partner

2.3.2. Artists Gathering Everet Cox Faye Achmatt Diya Elizabeth Hamby Kristen Rouse Carol Stakenas Molly Pearl Christine

2.3.3. LGBTIQ Dinner Conversation 11-13 LGBTIQ Vets and VSO

2.4. NEH Community Planning Workshops

2.4.1. April 15th: NEH Project Pitch to Hostos In Attendance

2.4.2. April 22: First NEH Stakeholder Session In Attendance

2.4.3. May 6th: Second NEH Stakeholder Session

2.4.4. After the last meeting we decided to abandon this funding stream due to lack of support.

2.5. Project Team Skill Building Workshops/Education

2.5.1. Open Engagement Lectures and Dialogues

2.5.2. Connecting with Suzanne Lacy and Otis Colleagues

2.5.3. Papermaking Training

2.6. Legal Support for HVC

2.6.1. Legal Intern at HVC and Urban Justice Center

2.7. Field Trip to Washington DC with Community Organizers from NYC thru Intersections

2.7.1. additional planning sessions and grants written for future project- future forward funding map

3. Forward Thinking- Expanded Art Project Funding Map

3.1. Current Funders

3.1.1. DCA/MOVA Mayors Fund

3.1.2. In KInd Jules Rochielle NUSL Christine Tinsley

3.2. Partnership with Intersections and Familia Trans liberation

3.2.1. LOI's IN ABOG RUBIN Funding

3.2.2. Prospective Funding ArtMatters


4.1. DVS Goals

4.1.1. Becoming a Department/ Agency

4.1.2. Integrating Creativity into all aspects of healing not just clinical

4.1.3. Outreach

4.1.4. New hires and staff

4.1.5. Building Team

4.1.6. Interest in Culture

4.2. HVC Goals

4.2.1. Personalized Services

4.2.2. Outreach to Women

4.3. Creative team goals

4.3.1. Recruit Key People

4.3.2. Develop Community Partners

4.3.3. Generative Social Spaces

4.3.4. Make use of Current Organizational Contacts

4.3.5. Locate longterm Project with Community

4.3.6. Skills Exchange and Network transfer between Jules and Christine

4.3.7. Trust Building

4.3.8. Generative Creative Actions

4.3.9. Develop New Networks within community

5. Veteran Research in NYC and beyond NYC

5.1. Observational

5.1.1. Site Investigations

5.1.2. Listening Sessions

5.2. Standard

5.2.1. Online /Book/ Library/ legal needs/ Interviews

5.3. Particpatory

5.3.1. Attending Vetern Events

5.3.2. Participation on Task Force through Hostos

5.4. Co-design

5.4.1. Workshops for Veteran Women in Shelters held at NUSL

6. Subsequent Public  Art Presentations

6.1. Queens Museum

6.2. Department of Veteran Services

6.2.1. Photo installation

6.2.2. mind map

6.2.3. interactive process map