Ideas for our Film

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Ideas for our Film by Mind Map: Ideas for our Film

1. A serial killer is walking around an abandoned farm, planning to kill his next victim. For this idea we could film lots of shots of the serial killer watching the victim, until he makes his move and starts to peruse them.

2. We could have use the idea of a kidnapping and incorporate a chase scene. This would be interesting as we could use different tracking shots to show them running or a pan. As well as this we considered other ideas such as the first shot being a close up of blood on somebody’s hands. This would be perfect for a thriller as instantly questions are raised from the audience as to why there is blood on their hands and they begin to think the worst. This ties into the fact that it is a thriller film as it evokes tension.

3. We could also use a range of different shots, like a trunk shot. For this we could have the kidnappers or serial killer finding the girl, a tracking shot of them carrying her over their shoulder, a long shot of them putting her in the car boot and then a trunk shot from both in and outside the boot. As well as this we could do a shot reverse shot to show the conversation between the antagonists ad protagonist.

4. We could use the idea that somebody has stolen some money or has a possession that the antagonist wants. This would be an interesting idea as there are limitless ways in which it can be portrayed. We could have the protagonist tied up and different close ups of their hands. We could use different elements of mise-en-scene such as using fake blood and different make up effects. As well as this we could use different costumes like the antagonists wearing all black and a mask or balaclava.

5. The main character has escaped from a psychiatric ward and is on the run. She finds herself on an abandoned farm, miles away from civilisation and is trying to find a way out. For this idea we could start the film off before sunset and then have scenes in the forest at night because it will create a sinister feeling about the film. After the character has escaped from the psychiatric ward, we would have scenes of her running away from the farm and then hiding in the forest. When she is hiding in the forest we could have shots of the doctors and security running after her and trying to find her. Our thriller opening could finish on the main character being recaptured and carted back to the psychiatric ward. A positive thing about this plot is that it would be very strange and help to create tension because of the psychologically based storyline. Although a negative aspect of this particular plot is that there is not a distinctive protagonist and antagonist character in the film. 1.