Frontier College

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Frontier College by Mind Map: Frontier College

1. Where: All across Canada! Here are the Ontario locations:

1.1. Guelph

1.2. Hamilton

1.3. Kingston

1.4. London

1.5. North Bay

1.6. Ottawa

1.7. Sudbury

1.8. Thunder Bay

1.9. Toronto

1.10. Waterloo

2. Frontier College helps students by giving them homework help, literacy programs and more. This organization helps families through it's programs aimed at adult literacy and job skills. The free children's programs also provide a safe, inclusive environment to help children grow, learn and have fun!

3. Programs they offer:

3.1. Aboriginal summer reading camp

3.2. Story time clubs

3.3. Adult literacy tutoring

3.4. "beat the street" GED and computer training

3.5. After school programs

3.6. Student tutoring

4. Key Values

4.1. Respect

4.2. Inclusion

4.3. Community-based

5. A national organization providing literacy programs to children, youth and adults including New-Comers and First Nations communities.

5.1. for more information: