Future Goals

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Future Goals by Mind Map: Future Goals

1. What:

1.1. become a Psychiatric Nurse Anesthetist

2. Why:

2.1. I am passionate about this, because it's somethings i've always taken an interest in. I love the healthcare system! Although I love psychology more, I pursued my undergrad that route, I have recently found a new path that allows me to do both!

3. Which:

3.1. Stay in Michigan to pursue my Graduate Degree

3.1.1. Pros: My family is here this is my home state i will already have a job here

3.1.2. Cons: i've never intended to stay here i don't want to feel stuck here and have a midlife crisis down the road there aren't jobs hiring when i'm done with school

3.2. Leave Michigan to pursue my Graduate Degree

3.2.1. Pros: i've always wanted to move out of state the opportunity to create new experiences! Possible better hospitals outside of Michigan Better hospitals could mean better/more work opportunities my boyfriends family lives out of state

3.2.2. Cons: this is my home my parents and my sisters are here this is where i will have done all my schooling Michigan is familiar to me

4. Who:

4.1. can help you?

4.2. network & Team

4.3. list names and role/position

5. How:

5.1. Finish my Undergrad in Psychology

5.2. Graduate with my B.S.

5.3. Apply to Nursing program at EMU: get accepted

5.4. graduate with my B.S.N.

5.5. apply to graduate school at EMU

5.6. graduate with my Masters in Nursing

6. When:

6.1. timing and programming

6.2. goal:

6.3. How long (time):

6.4. When (date):

7. Where:

7.1. Past-

7.1.1. Graduated from Hartland High School

7.1.2. Attended Washtenaw Community College

7.1.3. Transfered to Eastern Michigan University

7.2. Present-

7.2.1. attending Eastern Michigan University

7.2.2. one semester away from graduating with my bachelors in Psychology

7.2.3. starting a new job at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

7.3. Future-

7.3.1. I will be staying at Eastern Michigan for the rest of my undergraduate, and plan on staying for my graduate degree as well

7.3.2. In 5 years I will be living somewhere in Southeastern Michigan (which hopefully my husband by then) having graduated (if not about to graduate) working at a hospital, paying student loans, and helping people!