Reading Comprehension Template

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Reading Comprehension Template by Mind Map: Reading Comprehension Template

1. Summary

1.1. Chapters 1-8 : A young boy named Jim Hawkins is telling the story of what happened when a man who was called Captain lived at his family inn. Jim was only allowed to call the man Captain and nothing else. One day a blind man came to the inn and asked for the Captain and he almost killed the Captain. On that day Jim's father was very sick and was very close to death. Jim's father ended up dying and the Captain was put to bed and not allowed out and NO RUM for a week; doctors orders. The Captain later died. Many people wanted to find the money that may have been in his trunk. The blind man came back and Jim and his mother fled. Jim, Doctor Livesey, the squire and other people found a map that will lead them to a island with treasure.

1.2. Chapters 9-17: The squire found a ship called the Hispaniola and he found a full crew. The captain doesn't like the crew and doesn't want to steer the boat, so he doesn't like the cruise. The captain was proven right when Jim over heard Long John Silver talking to his men about taking the treasure from the island all to themselves. Jim tells Doctor Livesey and he tells the captain, squire and the other people on the ship they can just. Silver decides that only his men and a few off the trusted men will go to the island and everyone else of the trusted team will stay back. Jim decides that he will go though and he sees Silver kill some men on the island. Jim meets a island man. The rest of the trusted men came to the island a few days after that.

1.3. Chapter 18-26: After the island man, the rest of the trusted team finds Jim and they set up a base. The un trusted ones find them and bring a flag of truce but the trusted don't believe it and during the day the two sides have a battle. A few people died and Jim ran off when the Doctor ran off. Jim got to the Hispaniola and cut part of the anchor off, but he heard movement and decided to check it out. Someone had killed another pirate and was about knocked out. The man helped Jim out and they worked together for a few days, but then the man got angry. The man attacked Jim and he was killed by Jim.

1.4. Chapter 27-34: Jim moved the ship to the other side of the island. When he got back on the island he ran into Silver and he thought he would be mad at him but he wasn't. The doctor had come and given Silver and his crew the real map when the doctor brought a flag of truce. The doctor comes back and wants Jim to come with him, but he had already swore to Silver that he would go with them to find the treasure. They get to the spot where the treasure should be and only a few pieces of gold were there. A few of the "trusted" men and Ben Gunn come and Silver shoots the rest of his men besides himself and Jim. The rest of the men there go to Ben Gunn's place and get the gold. They load up all of the supplies onto the Hispaniola and head back to Bristol. On the way they stopped to get some more men and when they get back to the ship they see that Silver has left with his portion of gold and was never heard from again.

2. General Info

2.1. May 23, 1883

2.2. Novel

2.3. English

2.4. Admiral Benbow Inn, Hispaniola, Treasure Island

3. Author

3.1. Robert Louis Stevenson

3.2. Born November 13, 1850 Died December 3, 1894

3.3. Scottish

3.4. Robert Louis Stevenson published his first book in 1878, when he was 28 years old. When he was 17 he went to college at Edinburgh. At first to be an engineer then to be a lawyer. He did not like either of these so he decided to be a writer instead. He was married once. He died because of a stroke. During his career he wrote many different books, many different genres and for many different ages.

4. Characters

4.1. Jim Hawkins - a young boy from England who is always looking for adventure.

4.2. Squire - a man who likes to be the head of things and in charge. He always wants to know about everything.

4.3. Long John Silver - a pirate and sailor who is only looking for the treasure and trying to take it all for himself.

5. Vocabulary

5.1. Section 1

5.1.1. Livid - the color of skin or the way skin looks. "I remember him as if it were yesterday, as he came plodding to the inn door, his sea-chest following behind him in a hand-barrow — a tall, strong, heavy, nut-brown man, his tarry pigtail falling over the shoulder of his soiled blue coat, his hands ragged and scarred, with black, broken nails, and the sabre cut across one cheek, a dirty, livid white."

5.1.2. Pig-tailed singing seamen - very happy people who are singing with joy. "And I was going to sea myself, to sea in a schooner, with a piping boatswain and pig-tailed singing seamen, to sea, bound for an unknown island, and to seek for buried treasure!"

5.2. Section 2

5.2.1. Cruise - the trip/adventure/the way to the island. "But," he would add, "all I say is, we're not home again, and I don't like this cruise."

5.2.2. Marooned - Man who was once wealthy but now is not. "And I began to run towards the anchorage, my terrors all forgotten, while close at my side the marooned man in his goatskins trotted easily and lightly."

5.3. Section 3

5.3.1. Palisade - A side/part of a cliff or mountain. "When I had first sallied from the door, the other mutineers had been already swarming up the palisade to make an end of us."

5.3.2. Promontory - the next scene of beautifulness. "I could see the cool green tree-tops swaying together in the breeze, and I felt sure I should make the next promontory without fail."

5.4. Section 4

5.4.1. Bygones - I will do something good if you don't kill me. "But one thing I'll say, and no more; if you spare me, bygones are bygones, and when you fellows are in court for piracy, I'll save you all I can.'

5.4.2. Forbear - Doing it, say it. "His looks were not quite friendly, and I was so revolted at these constant changes that I could not forbear whispering, "So you've changed sides again."

6. Plot

6.1. Jim finds a map that leads to treasure in the Captain's stuff.

6.2. Everyone wants to find this treasure.

6.3. Jim overhears Long John Silver talking to his men that he is going to take all the treasure for himself.

6.4. When they get to the island Jim starts searching around and meets a couple people. He finds the Hispaniola and decides that he is going got take over it to find the treasure.

6.5. Jim runs into Silver and he thinks that he is going to be mad at Jim but he isn't.

6.6. Silver finds where the treasure should be but it's not there. Ben Gunn has it, but Silver doesn't know this until he has already killed most of his men. The men that are left on the island get all the treasure on the Hispaniola to take it back to Bristol.

7. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

7.1. Stick to your dream. I believe that stick to your dream is the theme for this book because they had to stick to their dream of finding the gold to find the gold.

7.2. The Jolly Roger was the symbol in this case because it showed that they were Pirates, but they also were alone in their group and they were not going to give up until they wanted no matter what.

7.3. "I make it a point of honour not to lose a man for King George (God bless him!) and the gallows."