Initiative: Claymation Film Festival- Bringing Sustainable schools to life.

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Initiative: Claymation Film Festival- Bringing Sustainable schools to life. by Mind Map: Initiative: Claymation Film Festival- Bringing Sustainable schools to life.

1. Project

1.1. Project Aim:

1.1.1. This project will incorporate all ages within and outside the school. Students will use the iPad program iMovie to create their own Claymation film outlining one aspect of sustainability they want to address in the school, along with ways to improve the efforts in the school. These short films will be displayed to the whole community in the schools own film festival.

1.2. When & Where

1.2.1. Sign up for program at the front office

1.2.2. Every Tuesday and Thursday Lunchtime

1.2.3. Sessions will be held in the school library

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. iMovie app

1.3.2. Belgrave Modelling Clay

1.3.3. iPads

1.3.4. Recycled materials for backgrounds and settings Shoe boxes Pipe Cleaners Scrap Paper

2. Film Festival

2.1. When: The film festival will be held on the last week of term three.

2.2. All students short films will be submitted and viewed on a large projector screen at the film festival. Students have the opportunity to bring forward a meaningful message in their movie.

2.3. The festival will be a $2 gold coin donation and will be available to the school community and the wider community. The funds from the tickets will be used to pay for the equipment used as well as begin a fundraising idea for a sustainable project within the school.

3. Assistance needed: Parents, community members, teachers

3.1. -Can come in on the days the project is running to help out.

3.1.1. 1st Sitting

3.1.2. 2nd Sitting

3.1.3. 3rd Sitting

3.2. -Dontate recyled materials

3.3. -Organise a food stall or other stall on the film festival.

3.3.1. Essay exam

3.3.2. Oral exam

3.3.3. Multiple choice

3.4. -Help sell tickets to the wider community

4. Benefits

4.1. Students excitement for movies and video games will be transfered into making their own movies.

4.2. Students will learn and adapt new range of skills in areas including; technologies, creativity, English, sustainability, communication and future thinking.

4.3. Students will plan, shoot, edit their own movies.

4.4. Learn skills that can be transitioned into the classroom; iPad skills, researching, creative problem solving, etc.

4.5. Promotes creativity

4.6. Powerful and engaging way for students to learn.

4.7. Covers curriculum areas of Technologies and Sustainability. With an element of English.

4.8. Promotes sustainability in the school as well as give students a view for the future.

5. Curriculum

5.1. Technologies

5.1.1. The subject technologies engages students in developing their knowledge and skills to respond and solve design and digital challenges.

5.2. Cross-Curriculum Priorities: Sustainability

5.2.1. This subject addresses the issue of Earth’s sustainability.

5.3. English

5.3.1. Helps develop the knowledge and skill in literacy, language and literature.

5.4. General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking

5.4.1. Develop capability in critical and creative thinking as they learn to generate and evaluate knowledge and ideas.

5.5. (School Curriculum and Standards Authority, 2015)

6. References

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7. Clay Animation

7.1. Claymation is an animation type film created using a sequence of photos of oil-based plasticine model characters. (Miramichi Leader, 2011). Using an iPad you will take a series of still images and slightly alter the position of the character, these photos will be played in rapid formation to create the illusion of a moving image.