How can we use Social Media to help others in need?

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How can we use Social Media to help others in need? by Mind Map: How can we use Social Media to help others in need?

1. Step 1 Process

1.1. First, as a group we tried to find a common ground on what we think a good topic would be.

1.2. Most of us pointed out that it would be useful to use social media to help people

1.3. Pointing out how it could be useful in natural disasters (such as hurricanes, tornadoes etc) bc I had recently been through a natural disaster while I was visiting home in Texas

1.4. Ice Bucket Challenge / #PrayForParis etc

1.5. After that, we started thinking about how SM/Disasters/People could be used

2. Step 2/3 Process

2.1. Picking a target audience... Someone suggested the main target group to be ages 12-25. After that, I suggested that we needed to have outliers such as people in there 50s and up.

2.2. After picking our outliers and target audience, we had to decide on questions to ask. We found out we wanted to ask about 3 things...

2.2.1. 1) The impact of social media on issues

2.2.2. 2) How much are people willing to help others nowadays

2.2.3. 3) How can social media make a difference, and is it even able to?

2.3. We then went to the streets and asked the questions!!

3. Step 4 Process

3.1. In the data we found 4 big clusters of information: Advantages, Awareness, Behaviour and Social Media

3.1.1. Awareness was explaining how people find out about big events, whether or whether not it was through social media.

3.1.2. Social Media was about finding the positive and negative factors involving social media.

3.1.3. Behaviour was explaining how social media is important in life as of today and why they believed some things were useful or not.

3.1.4. Advantages was about how social media lessens the gap between communities around the globe, and other advantages social media has on people

4. Step 5 Process

4.1. Having to search for trends, we found out four that pertained to our information we found.

4.1.1. 1) Future Onlife "Most people find out about important real life events through social media, many people use social media to communicate with their friends…"

4.1.2. 2)The Power of The Social Web "Many actions people do together on social media to help others, most people wouldn’t be this well informed without the power of the social web…"

4.1.3. 3) Tender Human Pearls "Many actions organized to support people in need through social media, most do see that those actions have an impact…"

4.1.4. 4) New Publication Options "The majority follows a news channel, people find out about news through social media…"

5. Step 6 Process

5.1. This step was about transforming the trends we found in Step 5 and make them into Opportunities!

5.1.1. 1) Online can become a source of help.

5.1.2. 2) People can work together easier on the internet.

5.1.3. 3) People want to help each other in the distrust-environment.

5.1.4. 4) Articles can be published easier on social media. This way others will be informed easier, with also showing proof of what happened.

6. Step 7 Process (Final)

6.1. Looking through all of the information we have gathered, we have to make a sort of solution. Here is where we thought of our idea, an app, where people are able to find help or help others.

6.1.1. When opening the app, you have 3 simple options to chose from: I need help, I want to help and Information.

6.1.2. I need help: This function is for when you are searching for help. You can find shelter. Post a list of things you need. Look for lost objects, animals, and people. Or when you just need someone to talk to.

6.1.3. I want to help: This function is for giving help. You can donate things or money, give shelter and share things you founds people who lost them can find it.

6.1.4. Information: Here you can find any information. Helpful tips, news and a live danger map which shows dangerous zones or areas affected.

7. Destinations