Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs

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Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs by Mind Map: Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs

1. Different Readiness levels

1.1. Kimberly, a very shy student who rarely speaks in class.

1.1.1. Strategy 1: word search puzzles

1.1.2. Strategy 2: group responsibilites

1.2. Michael, a slow student.

1.2.1. Strategy 1: frequent quizes

1.2.2. Strategy 2: progress journal

2. Different Interests

2.1. John, an ELL student with ADHD

2.1.1. Strategy 1: Educational computer game

2.1.2. Strategy 2: Lesson Leader

2.2. Carol, an ELL student with no learning disabilities

2.2.1. Strategy 1: small group learning activity

2.2.2. Strategy 2: participation in educational game

3. Different Learning Profiles

3.1. Bob, a visual learner

3.1.1. Strategy 1: Animated gifs to teach new words

3.1.2. Strategy 2: match phrases with pictures

3.2. Lisa, a tactile learner

3.2.1. Strategy 1: yes and no cards

3.2.2. Strategy 2: sentence scramble

4. Objective:CCSS ELD - Kindergarten - Section 2 - Part 1: “Exchanging information and ideas Contribute to conversations and express ideas by asking and answering yes-no and wh- questions and responding using gestures, words, and simple phrases.” (CA ELD Standards, 2012)