Creative manager post London MVP

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Creative manager post London MVP by Mind Map: Creative manager post London MVP

1. 3 Month - MVP - External

1.1. 1. Creative Lib account linking

1.1.1. As am FT: user. I want: to see all creative Libraries within the system. (CAPI story)

1.1.2. Questions How do you create a Creative Agency Business entity Where can we store Location

1.2. 1. Profiles - Security and user privilege

1.2.1. As a: Product Manager I want: To be able to assign profiles to users So that: a user can be limited on feature - 3 CoS When a user login in they are only given the feature that their profile has access to When a FT user changes the profile on the user account, and when the user logs in they only see the feature that is available in the new profile A user can only have 1 profile linked to their account When an FT user updates the feature available for a profile, all users who that have that profile have access/no access to the edited feature Feature toggles trump user profiles Default feature is on for new toggled on feature

1.3. 2. - Migration

1.3.1. As a: Campaign Manager. I want to be able to migrate a campaign from Creative Interface to Creative manager. So that I can stop using Creative Interface ASAP! Cant Migrate flash Migrate richload Alt Image File Storage CI CM

1.4. Mass update versions within CM

1.4.1. Create Save as

1.4.2. Update Save Save as

1.5. 3. Agency login

1.5.1. Sharing creative libs with agencies As a: Internal FT user. I want to share a creative library with a CAPI user. So that they can access the creative library and work on it - 3 User can initiate the share of an individual creative library On initiating the creative library share the user is asked for an e-mail address Notification is sent to the user the creative library has been shared with When the other user logs in they can see the creative library As a: Internal FT user. I want to share a creative library with a non-capi user. So that they can access the creative library and work on it

1.6. 4. Advertiser filtering of creative library

1.6.1. As a: CM user. I want to be only show creative libraries for a certain advertisers. So that: I can quickly filter advertisers to ones I'm interested in or working on. - 5 Works over pagination The user can visibly see that the list has been filtered If a user searches on a littered list, the search will be performed on the complete creative library list - and removes the initial filter Search on a filtered list The filter list contains a unique list of advertisers for that creative library The user can select multiple advertisers to show Nice to have If no results are returned then it goes back to no filter

1.7. 5. Standard ads

1.7.1. From a tech perspective do this first before migration 13

1.8. 6. Excel Improvements

1.8.1. Excel 1 tab for all base files

1.8.2. Validation

1.9. 7. Media Buyer linking

1.9.1. Token based instead of e-mail linking

1.10. 8. Display Page (Mockup display)

1.11. 9. Basic - Create ad in Adbuilder and save to CM

2. 6 Months

2.1. 6 month - Enhanced - Ad Builder Integration

2.1.1. Open Ad and edit

2.1.2. Create new ad

2.2. Excel targeting - Hedges

2.2.1. Google feature match

2.2.2. Targeting Key word Segments Geo

2.2.3. Excel validation improvements Excel 1 tab for all base files


2.4. Creative Library and Creative Management

2.4.1. Copy to other creative lib

2.4.2. Duplicate with creative lib

2.5. Asset Manager improvements

2.5.1. Asset use identification

2.5.2. Delete

2.5.3. Download

2.5.4. Share assets across libs

2.6. Improved notifications

2.7. Dashboard for first screen

2.8. Labels

3. Is there anything else we need to do before US launch?

3.1. Localised Support setup

3.1.1. 2

3.2. limiting creative libraries by country

3.2.1. 2