GiiG Business Plan

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GiiG Business Plan by Mind Map: GiiG Business Plan

1. Marketing Strategy

1.1. Blog

1.1.1. Create topics for the whole month 1 veideo each week

1.2. Build Email Listing

1.2.1. Apps Leadpages MailChimp

1.2.2. Newsletter

1.2.3. Sign up form

1.2.4. Promotional Forms

1.3. Youtube Marketing

1.3.1. Apps

1.3.2. Vlog Videos To do's General info about Recruitment Topics

1.3.3. Interview Videos Company Leaders Recruitment Process

1.3.4. Promotional Videos Beta Version Presentation Tutorial For App Features

2. Sales

2.1. Lead Gen

2.1.1. Apps PipeDrive Yellow Pages

2.1.2. Industries Restaurants Retail Manufacturing Construction Truck Driving Schools Real Estate

2.2. Calling Out

2.2.1. Apps FreshDesk