Becoming a good translator

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Becoming a good translator by Mind Map: Becoming a good translator

1. Develop strong skills in the language you're translating from

1.1. Use the language: read, write, study, research, listen and speak.

2. Gain research skills

2.1. Learn to find information from reliable sources in libraries and the Internet.

3. Acquire an intimate understanding of the language you're translating into

3.1. Mastering this language is even more important than having strong skills in the language you're translating from.

4. Make the most of your friends' knowledge

4.1. Consult them when you need their expertise on a subject you're not acquainted with.

5. Have an idea of what your goal is

5.1. Consider your philosophy on translation and what you're trying to achieve.

6. Put thought into your work setup

6.1. Become more efficient at work and proficient in computing.

7. Get creativity

7.1. If you practice, you will find it easier to solve problems you encounter in your translation work

8. Be aware of popular culture

8.1. Listen to the radio or read the paper to know what's going on in the world.

9. Get a little bit of knowledge about the irrelevant fields

9.1. Pay attention because anything you learn about in any capacity will probably come in handy eventually.

10. Get in-depth knowledge of the relevant field(s)

10.1. Study it in a disciplined way, because it’s your field. You also need to be aware of the culture and history of the relevant countries.