Team Leadership

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Team Leadership by Mind Map: Team Leadership

1. Line Management

1.1. Performance

1.1.1. Management of performance review process

1.1.2. Management of under performance

1.1.3. Recognition and recommendations for promotion

1.2. Development

1.2.1. Dedication to personal development and growth of team members

1.2.2. Supporting, helping shape, and understanding career aspirations

1.2.3. Coaching and mentoring on subjects Helping organise other types of coaching

1.2.4. Recommending development, reading and training

1.2.5. Authorising training and personal devleopment costs

1.2.6. Continuous improvement of personal development training, approach and content

1.3. Care and support

1.3.1. 1-1 regular catchups

1.3.2. Escalation of issues personal issues

1.3.3. Escalation of issues with work for team members

1.3.4. Active interest in health and well-being of team

1.4. Administrative

1.4.1. Management of holiday process

1.4.2. Management of sickness process

1.4.3. Indication process

1.4.4. leavers process

1.4.5. Maternity / paternity /  adoption planning

2. Leadership

2.1. Active role in issue department issue resolution

2.1.1. Resourcing issues

2.1.2. Biz dev issues and presales challenges

2.1.3. critical client or project issues

2.1.4. Note: expected of all senior staff, but more emphasised as team lead if point of contact for business.

2.2. Facilitate business / department change

2.2.1. help drive through change

2.2.2. support and initiatives as they relate to wider department

2.3. Be the face of the business and pass on communication

2.3.1. Conduit for communication through the business

2.3.2. Back specific policies and initaitives

2.3.3. Part of the unified front of leadership

2.4. Resolve conflict

2.4.1. people across the department

2.4.2. Between departments

2.4.3. with customers

2.5. Encourage and praise

2.5.1. Initiatives

2.5.2. personal performance

3. Other and administrative

3.1. Help manage overall holiday capacity and xmas holidays

3.2. Heightened awareness of department ,challenges

3.3. Hiring new staff

4. Resourcing

4.1. Monitor and care for the utilisation of people

4.2. Facilitate the resolution of 'unplanned' work

4.3. Facilitate planning of big projects

4.4. manage communication with stakeholders

4.5. qualify resource requests

4.6. Be the 'gatekeeper' of what is released to the team

4.7. Reviewing resourcing, preducting and addressing issues

4.8. monitor and react to KPIs

4.9. Helpdesk resourcing.